The World’s Greatest Magic Show

The story

Voted "Show of the Year", The World's Greatest Magic Show was first a Television Series that later came together as an incredible Live Show (produced by Dick Feeney), appearing 7 days a week in Las Vegas! First, the Show opened at the Sahara Hotel (now known as the SLS) and later moved to the Greek Isles Hotel's hidden treasure showroom, which was known as the Debbie Reynolds' Hollywood Hotel (that originally opened in 1970 as the Royal Inn). In this 500 seat theater, where Katalin successfully auditioned and right after added to the cast of all-star performers, appearing with illusionists like Kevin James, Roy Shank, Joseph Gabriel, Kozak, The Majestix, Mike Michaels, Losander, Jason Baney, Dan Sperry, Shimada, Juliana Chen, Eun Gyeol Lee, Gaeton Bloom, Jeff Hobson, John Carney (Mr Mysto).. just to name a few. This was Katalin's very first show in America, before she was added to "Viva Las Vegas" (an afternoon, variety show, also produced by Dick Feeney).

On February 10th, 2015 The Greek Isles Hotel and Casino was demolished by implosion, taking with it all it's history and the beautiful 500 seat theater.

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