Panda Love TBT

If you are not tired of already seeing everyone’s Throwback Thursday photos, than I’ll invite you to check out mine! 🙂 I actually just found this photo and made me laugh! I thought TBT is the perfect reason for me to share this photo with you! FYI, regardless of my frequent travels to China, I still have never met a real panda in person! Perhaps that could be my wish for this new year 😉

Blonde TBT

Here is something random for Throwback Thursday! My blonde moment. When I’ve decided to go all the way.. platinum. This color didn’t lasted long, as my hair grew so fast, I had dark roots 2-3 days right after bleaching.. Also, I look so very tired here! It was one of those rare moments when we decided to go for breakfast the other side of town in Vegas! The last thing you want to do when you are performing every night! Btw, this was one of my favorite Japanese waffle/crepe places in town. 😀 #tbt