Appearing at the Magic Castle

Yes, I am sooooo excited to tell you, that I was invited to perform THIS MONTH at the “World Famous Magic Castle” in Hollywood! The last time I was appearing there was New Years Eve of 2014 and I had a wonderful time! 🙂 I will be performing my signature act that you might seen versions of on the Chinese CCTV at 大魔术师, or the Japanese TV special 最強No.1決定戦 マジック王─キング, or might remember Cabaret Du Monde from Paris, France!

Date: May 21-27, 2018

Theater: Palace of Mystery

Address: 7001 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood, CA

For Reservations: (323)-851-3313

More info:

I really hope you will be able to come to see our show! XO


With Guess CEO Victor Herrero and with co-founder and chief creative officer, Paul Marciano in Downtown, LA

If you follow me for a while now, you probably know that I am a big fan of Mr Marciano and his creations. I had the pleasure to be part of an unforgettable Guess? event recently and I am grateful not just for the wonderful people I met, but to learn from Paul himself, and understand what makes a successful person. Thank you dear Paul for being there for me when I needed the most and gifting me this beautiful experience! <3

Guess LA

Here are some of my favorite Marciano moments (not sponsored):

Lexus event at the Cosmopolitan
World Famous Hollywood Magic Castle, my dressing room
Just one of my favorite dresses세계최고의-마술사들이/
My favorite dress in action, direct from Korea!
Katalin Marciano
I adore this dress
A classic GUESS? lace top

My favorite Instagram moments:

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Playing at #marcianos #guess #fashion #colors

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Believe that anything is possible and never give up on your dreams! <3 xo

My First Time Performing At The Magic Castle

Continuing with a heartwarming flashback from my previous blog, here is what I’ve posted a few years ago:



Here is a great time to mention: It doesn’t matter where you born or if you grew up poor or without any guide! Just follow your dreams and keep going! I’m grateful for this gift to be able to getting my butt to America, and I appreciate what I was able to accomplish so far. For some performers, this is just a place in Hollywood. For me, it’s a stepping stone, proving myself that no matter what, anything is possible! I am proud of sharing that first week of mine at the Hollywood Magic Castle with top performers around the world! And a very special thanks to Max Maven who gave me a chance to shine and to rock that stage! <3


PS: Yes, Mr Baldwin is super funny and kind. Of course he is, he loves the art of magic! 😉

Most Bizarre Instagram Moments

As I’m writing this, it was exactly 193 weeks ago I uploaded my first photo on Instagram! I don’t believe in “buying followers” (hehe). I love that all the people who comment and follow are real and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! So if you are reading this, and you are real (like Jenny from the block), make sure you send me a comment <3 and follow me if you like my pix!

I was uploading more and more pictures on Instagram, and more people found me there! However, some of my oldest pix are not as popular as my recent ones! So here, I gathered my most bizarre Instagram moments from the past, that you might enjoy. 😀 I’m not specifically after bizarre moments and I don’t obsess with anything “magic” or “illusion” related subjects. My feed is about my journey and discoveries throughout my travels and performances. So here they are! Enjoy! (Make sure you click to see the videos)


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Traffic in #California… 😳🚗🔫

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Things to find in a Chinese Tesco.. 😳

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Proud to be an #American… 😀 #vegas #lol

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Well, hello there! ☺🌸

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Today's special: Free bird in every box of seed!

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I’m not really sure about Instagram introducing new photo formats.. I do believe the app magical, unique power was about its originality, staying true to its retro style.. If I would change anything about Instagram, it will be the better way of presenting videos, because the current option is very lame. There are already better apps out there (especially over Asia) that are already ahead of the game! Just a thought…


My Moments of 2014

Very Happy New Year for you all! With the time difference its a little hard to keep track of who is celebrating, and who has actually popped the champagne already! Lets see. In Korea, we already passed NYE last night, but America is still waiting, it’s only 5pm in Vegas, Dec 31st, but 2am in Budapest (where I’m from). Here, it’s 10 am, Jan 1st, as I write this post.

Easy to write, as I did go bed pretty early last night. No crazy party for me, but now I have the time to re-think my moments of 2014. I’m so grateful for all the people, all the opportunities and chances I experienced this past year! I don’t believe “good” or “bad” moments. Just moments!

Last year, exactly the same time, I was performing in Hollywood, and before they introduced me on stage, I was standing behind the curtain, listening to the audience count down to the new year of 2014! I remember, it felt so amazing! Those guys and I will share that moment forever! 🙂


While in LA, I met with a few very special and amazing thinkers who than became my friends. I am inspired by successful people who are focused and know what they want in life. One of them is this amazing man, Russell Simmons.

Who is that mysterious man?
Who is that mysterious man?


Traveling back and forth from LA to Vegas, meeting with new friends and working on ongoing projects..

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Just sayin'… #vegas #losangeles #weather #summer

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MissKatalin G-tech6


Becoming the part of this amazing, huge project in Asia, the Great Magician!




Being honored to hand over the “Lifetime Achievement” award to an amazing man, Mr Tihany!



Now performing at the World Class Magician Show, my very first time in Korea!

Hello Korea


I feel, the key for learning is through repetition. I’m still surprise myself now and then, why I’m getting shocked by situation that I already learned when I was a kid, traveling and performing. Now I realized, life will teach me over and over again, till I get it and I’m ready to move forward. Here are a few things I’m still learning:

Don’t expect anything from anyone.

Forgive those who try to stop you and hurt you. They doing this to themselves, not to you.

The meaning of friendship sometimes worth as much as a bowl of strawberries. Accept what it is and move on.

Take everything away from me, and I will still be here.

Watch out for the zombies!

Happy New Year and I wish you a successful, adventurous 2015! Remember, there is nothing to figure out! Just follow your heart and just do it! It is that simple. XO

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Boss

Or I should say, be yourself and be the boss!

A pair of heels and red lipstick instantly put me into action and to my state of confidence!

This is my actual office, or I like to think of it, as the place of disaster and my dream-making-work-station.

“Your dream job doesn’t exist. You must create it!”

I realized the key to success is not organized office but organized mind!


“Being powerful is like being a lady.
If you have to tell people you are,
you aren’t”


Keep moving forward, don’t ever question yourself and just do it! Xo

One Week, Two States

Hot summer heat and crazy wind in Nevada, breezy, cooler spring with rainstorm in CA.  Where should I begin.

I got invitation the see Mr Teller’s new show, The Tempest at the Smith Center. I did posted a photo from the audience, but just received this red carpet pic, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

Mr Teller and Katalin at the opening night of The Tempest

After my performance at the beautiful Beverly Hills Hotel..


I headed back to Vegas!


At Bally’s, checking out the new Jubilee show!

Jubilee at Bally’s

I don’t usually gamble. I think it’s the game of the devil!

Bally’s Casino, Las Vegas

I posted new pictures of my recent performance at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel! [@MO_LasVegas]


The Orleans at the MyVegas Magazine event!

Miss Katalin and MyVegas Magazine Publisher, Mark Shaffer

Catching up on my Tweets in Vegas! [@KatalinMagic]


Visited a “one night only” show at the Hilton! I will post pix of the actual show later!

LVH stage, Las Vegas

Headed back to California to perform at Huntington Beach, but hit this terrible traffic!!


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Traffic in #California… 😳🚗🔫

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Visited the Magic Castle and saw Rudy Coby’s special show! The last time we met was at the Dolby Theater, performing in the “It’s Magic” show!

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@rudycoby #hollywood #magic #RockOn

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Did you traveled anywhere last week? Are you planning anything fun this week? Leave a comment below! Xo

Recap Of My Past Few Weeks! In Pictures

Happy Monday! Hope your past weeks were productive and fun! Here are my favorite moments!

I went to a meeting of “Law of attraction”, which was my very first time participating in a venue like this!
A dear friend took me to Rock Sugar Restaurant on Santa Monica Blvd. So amazing!
Who is that mysterious man?
Who is that mysterious man?
I’m inspired!
Sushi Roku experience in Pasadena
This is Sea Urchin! Yup!
Red Carpet support for Greenzones!
And by the end of the day… yup … Ended up at 1 Oak! 🙂
Dramatic smokey eyes creation
Driving in freakin’ California…

With the beautiful and talented Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie)

A new makeup look I’ve been playing with. This time, it’s the classic Cat Eye! Meow! 😉
Magicians and musicians mixer party in Hollywood! 😛
Had some time to kill…
Checking out the amazing tea party at the Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena
The Garden of Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena
Supporting Beverly 90H20 aka the tastiest water in the world! 🙂
It’s important to keep inspired and stay positive!
Time travel and remembering sweet memories! Still, he is the best magician in the world!
Heading back to Vegas! Yay!
Walking my little kitty, Chococat! He can’t deny, that his butt have been rubbed! 🙂
At the Stratosphere hotel, checking out the Pin Up show with Claire Sinclair!
Opening night at Teller’s new show, the “Tempest” at the Smith Center!

Working at the breathtaking Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the Vegas strip.

A dream of mine came true to see this man performing in person! So awesome!

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Katalin in Wonderland 😛 💗☕️✨🐰

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A little break during the day on Ventura. When I’m dreaming, there are no limits! 😉

Enchanting Moments At The Legendary Beverly Hills Hotel

Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Lauren Bacall.. These woman all have one thing in common for sure. Not that they are all beautiful, talented Hollywood legends, but also they all loved once place in the heart of Beverly Hills! The famous Beverly Hills Hotel! This was my first time performing at this enchanted place and I have to tell you, it was magical. Not what I did as a female magician but to be in a place with so many stories, and history!

The event was held at Bar Nineteen12 where French Music Producer, Jean-Michel Soupraya‘s upcoming artist, Kylie Marcus were performing her new songs! The bar is very relaxed and I was performing indoors and outdoors as well.

The guest were enjoying the music, the fantastic weather, beautiful view and up close, personal magic from me! I received this photo (bellow) from the man I was performing for who said to me:

“This (picture) reminded me of what you said about magic, that the magician fully engages the other person so much so that we forget about everything else in life and simply immerse oneself in that very moment. Thank you for giving me that moment, as evident in this picture, my smile sez it all.”

Miss Katalin magician performing for Beverly Hills Hotel guest, Cesar

We had a wonderful conversation about being in a present and appreciating life! They were telling me how much they loooove magic and I said to them about my feeling regarding this subject. I perform my magic to all the guests! Some people appreciate it, and some people feel like they have to figure out how the magic is done and prove to me that they can’t be fooled, and no matter what, they are smarter than anybody else in the room! 🙂 This always makes me smile! They are so busy proving something, that they are missing the very moment front of their own eyes (not seeing the forest from the tree)! I told Cesar and his friends: I’m not giving you anything. You have it in you and you are able to appreciate it! You still have the childhood innocents, the willingness to enjoy, let go and believe. And this is beautiful! Because dreamers are free spirits and can achieve anything they desire!

“Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.” – Walt Disney