Recap of my last year [New Video]

Thank you for those very few who guided me and helped me on the road, thank you for the many who set me back and taught me to get stronger! I greatly appreciate all the struggle, every tear and every laughter. It is the road that no-one has traveled before what makes you the great explorer, the leader. Never mind all the scars, because a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. So here we are, ready for new adventures, new possibilities. I wish you a happy new year! Be bold, be unique because you are lucky to be you! <3


Happy New Year Korea!

Fun moments and laughter I squeezed into this 1 minute video. Our week at the Samjoo Art Hall went quick! So many amazing people I met after the show, and lovely children as well! It’s still freezing outside, but not snowing. (Yay) My New Year went fast, I didn’t even realized it’s already the end of 2014!

Wish you to stay strong, focused and positive for this new year! <3

My Moments of 2014

Very Happy New Year for you all! With the time difference its a little hard to keep track of who is celebrating, and who has actually popped the champagne already! Lets see. In Korea, we already passed NYE last night, but America is still waiting, it’s only 5pm in Vegas, Dec 31st, but 2am in Budapest (where I’m from). Here, it’s 10 am, Jan 1st, as I write this post.

Easy to write, as I did go bed pretty early last night. No crazy party for me, but now I have the time to re-think my moments of 2014. I’m so grateful for all the people, all the opportunities and chances I experienced this past year! I don’t believe “good” or “bad” moments. Just moments!

Last year, exactly the same time, I was performing in Hollywood, and before they introduced me on stage, I was standing behind the curtain, listening to the audience count down to the new year of 2014! I remember, it felt so amazing! Those guys and I will share that moment forever! 🙂


While in LA, I met with a few very special and amazing thinkers who than became my friends. I am inspired by successful people who are focused and know what they want in life. One of them is this amazing man, Russell Simmons.

Who is that mysterious man?
Who is that mysterious man?


Traveling back and forth from LA to Vegas, meeting with new friends and working on ongoing projects..

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Becoming the part of this amazing, huge project in Asia, the Great Magician!




Being honored to hand over the “Lifetime Achievement” award to an amazing man, Mr Tihany!



Now performing at the World Class Magician Show, my very first time in Korea!

Hello Korea


I feel, the key for learning is through repetition. I’m still surprise myself now and then, why I’m getting shocked by situation that I already learned when I was a kid, traveling and performing. Now I realized, life will teach me over and over again, till I get it and I’m ready to move forward. Here are a few things I’m still learning:

Don’t expect anything from anyone.

Forgive those who try to stop you and hurt you. They doing this to themselves, not to you.

The meaning of friendship sometimes worth as much as a bowl of strawberries. Accept what it is and move on.

Take everything away from me, and I will still be here.

Watch out for the zombies!

Happy New Year and I wish you a successful, adventurous 2015! Remember, there is nothing to figure out! Just follow your heart and just do it! It is that simple. XO

My Christmas Week in Korea – World Class Magician Show

Merry Christmas guys! I hope you had a fun, loving, peaceful time, and that you are ready for New Year!

We are here in Busan, Korea and performing two shows a day at the Samjoo Art Hall! I absolutely love our audience, and the energy of our team! Everybody is dedicated, professional and passionate, I can’t ask for more! Thank you guys for being so nice! It’s a bless working with you all!!

Here is my Xmas week in a short video:

World Class Magician Rocking Korea – My Journey Continues

Here we come to our second week in Busan, Korea!

Finally I had the chance to see the city a bit more and get some fun after the shows! Here is a little sneak peek of my journey so far:

Wow! #Korea

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I’m also looking forward to trying more food! XD

The Strange Flavors Of Korea

I’m not sure if you remember, but when I was in China, I got a lot of candy and snacks to try, and made a little video of opening, and testing them for you guys to see.

Well… What better place to do another video like this, than in Korea! Yay!

I’m ready! Let’s see what I ate:

Have you tried any of this food before? And do you have any idea exactly what that thing is in the can?

I don’t want to scare you all! We did had the chance to go out to nice restaurants as well, and these pix I took from the beautiful Haeundae Grand Hotel at the Buffet, which was absolutely amazing! My plate looks confusing.. because its a buffet, so I wanted to try a little bit of everything! buffet

And the dessert…


Also, sometimes we order the “lunch box” backstage when we really don’t have the time to go out to eat.. and that’s how it looks. I actually like it!


These pizzas to me.. are really strange. Just order me a Margherita and I will be fine. No fancy, experiential pizza surprises! ⊙.☉


Some strange finds at the nearby convenient store..


Snacks we got backstage.


And if you didn’t see the Chinese Food video, here it is:

What do you think? Will you be brave enough and put these in your mouth? ⊙.☉

Hello Korea! So Great To See You!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about coming to Korea! Over the years I met with many sweet Korean friends, and in my opinion, some of the greatest minds in magic are coming from Korea!

Our first week in Busan was super fun, and lot’s of work! I created a little video for you to see:

Also, here are my posts from Instagram so far:

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Freezing but still going! 😬❄️ #Korea

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Have a great December and keep warm! xo