Rainbows R /us [New Pix]

ⓡⓐⓘⓝⓑⓞⓦs R↙us







– Foundation > Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Foundation
– Lips > J Cat Wonder Lip Paint WLP113 [Cruelty-Free Company]
– Eyes > NYX Love in Rio Palette [Cruelty-Free Company]
– Lashes > Prestige my Biggest lashes Black/Brown [Cruelty-Free Company]
– Blush > Tarte Amazon Clay 24 Hour Blush [Cruelty-Free Company]
– Necklace > Bebe Necklace
– Hair > Coolway Strong Hold Spray

Heart Warming Winter

Inspired by one of my latest photo series, hand-picked favorites and Instagram finds::


Heart Warming Winter


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Transform your look with bold details and ultra-femme noir | #Marciano

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Bronze Away (And The Bling From Chicken Liver)

Sharp, bold sculpting paired with sweet lace. This is my “to go look” for tv appearance and behind the scenes. The bronzer gives a very strong summer vibe, yet the nude nails and soft lips reflect casual and laid-back. I actually used bronze and browns but the sunlight plays on my face, reflecting pinks and rose colors.



The sharp look is softened by my beloved “Sweetheart Bodysuit” and naturally I added my showgirl-like rhinestone ring (which I like to call, my Lisa Douglas aka Eva Gabor bling. If some of you might remember the Hungarian Princess trapped in “Huterswill”. Her diamond was smuggled from Hungary to America by her father, hidden in chicken liver, if I might remember correctly.) 😉

I find it fascinating that I haven’t heard of the Gabor sisters in my home country till I moved to America. What is in that small country of mine that makes most free spirits leave and never look back? <3

Hot To Sizzling [New Photos]


That special time of the day when the Sun is ready to rise, and the weather is about to change from hot to sizzling!


The wild desert night inviting yet comes the quick, refreshing rainfall. I’m actually writing this at the middle of the night and it is pouring outside. My dark room lights up for a second as the lightning storm demanding for attention outside. Oh, and it’s a full Moon tonight, the night of the Capricorn! The streets outside is so bright, I can’t help but to play with the fantasy of a magical night! Can you feel the full Moon? I always can, it’s hard to express the sensation, but I can always feel it! Can you?

Summer Rain


What I Packed For My Trip To Japan [Video]


Isn’t is fun when you have the chance to travel the world and explore? I’m very fortunate to discover different cities because of my work. I was just invited to perform for Asahi Tv! BUT, in order to get the most out of my time, I need to be absolutely ready and of course to pack light. That doesn’t mean I have to give up my style. So in this fun little video I wanted to share with you exactly what clothes I packed for Tokyo and how I mixed and layered the pieces. Hope this will give you some fun ideas and perhaps help you to break some rules!

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Halloween Transformations

Katalin Muerte

Can you believe it’s almost Halloween again! Have you decided what costume you going to be wearing? Here are some of my favorite characters that I created over the years, that could be inspirational!

1. Catwoman – My favorite. Smokey, black eyes and red lips! Just get a mask, sexy latex and meow!

2. Hello Kitty – Ok, ok, I do love cats.. But this one is more sweet and playful. Keep it light and simple. It’s all about the ears.. 😉

3. The Hungarian Witch – Play with a glue-on mask, and instantly create a fun effect! Make sure you are not allergic to the glue for applying the latex parts!

I actually did created a video of how to, just for fun! Check it out:

Happy Halloween and have fun! 🙂

Why So Blue? Why Not? :)

I got so excited receiving this perfect, travel size Bare Mineral lipstick from Ipsy! This is the perfect shade [Get Ready] that I would probably buy in the store, but I actually never used Bare Mineral lipstick before! So, here we go!


Also, I experimented with this bold blue color from my Tarte palette! I think it’s worth the try!


I’m very happy how pigmented this eyeshadow looks and lasted all day long! Also, easy to apply, no falling blue powder, all over my face, which is nice!


The lipstick felt very natural and had no taste or smell! Perfect for every day wear!


I will do my best to post weekly again, when I have a little bit more time! Xo