Recap of my last year [New Video]

Thank you for those very few who guided me and helped me on the road, thank you for the many who set me back and taught me to get stronger! I greatly appreciate all the struggle, every tear and every laughter. It is the road that no-one has traveled before what makes you the great explorer, the leader. Never mind all the scars, because a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. So here we are, ready for new adventures, new possibilities. I wish you a happy new year! Be bold, be unique because you are lucky to be you! <3

This Is My Home [Video]

Ah China… How could I live without you? Can you tell, I’m in love? Our affair started two years ago, at my first appearance in Beijing.

Bringing some magic and lots of love and laughter for the kids, it was the most rememberable time of my year! (I can’t believe how fast time flies!)

Happy Valley Opening Ceremony
Notice the Hungarian flag at the opening ceremonial-dance of the Golden Week!

Have YOU ever been to China? I was holding out going for so long, because of schedule management..  And I was pleased to finally go, bringing my sister along and making many friends and new memories. I think I can confirm, ours is now more than just an affair. We have seen each other many times soon after (such as the College Magic Festival, The Great Magician TV show, Spring Festival..), and I think it’s getting pretty serious. 😉


Mother Teresa

Stay Magical! <3

My Last Time [New Video]

Do you remember when was the last time you got really angry? Or you laughed so hard, you were crying? 🙂 Here are some of my last time:

OK! Your turn! Just copy/paste the Qs bellow at the comment box! I want to see your answers!

1. When where you crying laughing the last time? Where and why?
2. When was the last time you got angry?
3. When did you patted an animal?
4. The last time you played something?
5. When did you eat something strange? What was it?
6. When was the last time you cried?
7. The last time you painted your nails? (Guys: when was the last time you shaved your beard?) 🙂

As always, thanks for watching, reading and I’m looking forward to your answers! <3

Most Bizarre Instagram Moments

As I’m writing this, it was exactly 193 weeks ago I uploaded my first photo on Instagram! I don’t believe in “buying followers” (hehe). I love that all the people who comment and follow are real and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! So if you are reading this, and you are real (like Jenny from the block), make sure you send me a comment <3 and follow me if you like my pix!

I was uploading more and more pictures on Instagram, and more people found me there! However, some of my oldest pix are not as popular as my recent ones! So here, I gathered my most bizarre Instagram moments from the past, that you might enjoy. 😀 I’m not specifically after bizarre moments and I don’t obsess with anything “magic” or “illusion” related subjects. My feed is about my journey and discoveries throughout my travels and performances. So here they are! Enjoy! (Make sure you click to see the videos)


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Traffic in #California… 😳🚗🔫

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Things to find in a Chinese Tesco.. 😳

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Proud to be an #American… 😀 #vegas #lol

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Well, hello there! ☺🌸

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Today's special: Free bird in every box of seed!

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I’m not really sure about Instagram introducing new photo formats.. I do believe the app magical, unique power was about its originality, staying true to its retro style.. If I would change anything about Instagram, it will be the better way of presenting videos, because the current option is very lame. There are already better apps out there (especially over Asia) that are already ahead of the game! Just a thought…


Dream On Girl

Girls dream

This photo is from the Chinese reality TV show I performed in for a few months. This is backstage, closing night, and the little girl is actually one of the magician’s daughter. She was so adorable. Her mom is taking the photo.

This dress I’ve found in Canada when I was performing there. I saw it on the hanger, shoved in with other neglected clothes at the back of the store. I’m obviously not the only one who things this outfit is ridiculous! – thought to myself. However, I was the only one who gave it a try. I pulled it out, laughed and said: “Ok, I HAVE TO put this on!” Turns out, the dress is more sweeter that I actually thought and won my heart immediately. (plus it fit me like a glove)  It’s the “princess cupcake” dress. 😀 It’s so not me… but somehow, it works. Perhaps because this dress brings out that little princess, who I wasn’t able to be when I was growing up. And what a gift, able to discover what others cannot. ☼ This proves me, that something sweet is always waiting for you, you just have to able to see and at least give it a try!

PS: Notice her shoes.. We are soul sisters, girl! <3

More Footage From China [Backstage Video]

With my fantastic Celeb-Partner, Mr Yang we competed against other talented magicians in the Great Magician Reality Tv Show that we shot in Beijing, China! This project was a blest and here are some of the unseen footage from Backstage!


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