Explore The Treasures | Part Three


Continuing my previous posts on interesting finds during my travels, I also would like to show you this little booklet I abducted from a Chinese restaurant/tea house.


It is so simple and sweet looking! Many, many “magazines” (??) like this one was displayed at the entrance of the restaurant, in a beautifully decorated room on a long, hand carved dining table. Free for grab magazines, calendars and even cd’s! (I have to search if I took a photo of that restaurant or not, because that place was quite magical).


Most pages are tan-colored and look like the “monks R us” special edition.. Perhaps news and development on chanting and such..?Continue Reading →

Explore the Treasures | Part Two


Yesterday I posted “explore the treasures” where I show you two cool things I’ve discovered during my trip to China. In this post, I will show you something strangely cool I found in Korea when I was performing in Busan!

katalin_4089There were some stores around my hotel I stayed at.. like Seven Eleven type, where you can purchase all the necessities you might need at any random hour of the day.. and of course I always can use a deck of card! Or at least that’s what I thought I was buying! Continue Reading →

5 Current MakeUp Favorites


Current Off-Stage Beauty Favorites:


Traveling or full size, when it comes to beauty products, I love to mix and match. Size doesn’t matter as long as they do a good job! #noBotox

Shiseido’s Luminizing Satin Face Color [PK304]

Pupa Matt Lip Fluid [092]

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer [ Light 2 Vanilla]

Star Looks Gem Pencil [ GP2B Ultra Olive]

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara


Love to test it out? I recommend before you splurge on a high-end product, ask for a free sampler in the store. You can also sign-up for a subscription. HINT: Ipsy [$10/month] Sephora Play [$10/month]



With Guess CEO Victor Herrero and with co-founder and chief creative officer, Paul Marciano in Downtown, LA

If you follow me for a while now, you probably know that I am a big fan of Mr Marciano and his creations. I had the pleasure to be part of an unforgettable Guess? event recently and I am grateful not just for the wonderful people I met, but to learn from Paul himself, and understand what makes a successful person. Thank you dear Paul for being there for me when I needed the most and gifting me this beautiful experience! <3

Guess LA

Here are some of my favorite Marciano moments (not sponsored):

Lexus event at the Cosmopolitan
World Famous Hollywood Magic Castle, my dressing room
Just one of my favorite dresses
My favorite dress in action, direct from Korea!
Katalin Marciano
I adore this dress
A classic GUESS? lace top

My favorite Instagram moments:

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Believe that anything is possible and never give up on your dreams! <3 xo

Recap of my last year [New Video]

Thank you for those very few who guided me and helped me on the road, thank you for the many who set me back and taught me to get stronger! I greatly appreciate all the struggle, every tear and every laughter. It is the road that no-one has traveled before what makes you the great explorer, the leader. Never mind all the scars, because a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. So here we are, ready for new adventures, new possibilities. I wish you a happy new year! Be bold, be unique because you are lucky to be you! <3

November Bday Treats

Yes, yes, I know it’s already December! I’m still catching up and I definitely wanted to share you my Birthday treats, even if it was in the month of November!

I wasn’t celebrating on my actual birth day, (I never really do), plus I’m also on the budget, however I still manage to treat myself with plenty-o treasures::


Sephora, I love you so much! When you are a Beauty Insider or a VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider ♕) you will have some benefits, including free gifts on your special month. This year, I received 2 Nars lip pencils. Shade Cruella and Rikugien. Knowing myself, these are going to last forever.. I already tried on Cruella, which is the bolder color and I have to tell you, it looks velvety, hydrating and just the perfect shade. Thank you Nars! <3

IMG_2555_copy copy

Nars is actually Shiseido-owned cosmetics and skin care company. Just a little tip from me: if you are still looking for the perfect makeup remover, look no further! Shiseido has the BEST makeup remover. Something about their formula that takes every piece of makeup off and doesn’t irritate my eyes at all! Believe me, I’ve tried many expensive, and drug store products, but this one actually worth every penny.


Also picked this L’Occitane Holiday Package. I’ve actually never purchased from this company before, but did receive a sample of products on the airplane when I was traveling to Asia before. I know this exact package is already out of stock at Sephora, but you can have similar package here or here. You can also check out their official site to find more goods. So far I like their products and the scent is delicious!

Sephora Playful Prep

Because I ordered over $25 I was able to choose from 3 sample bags, and I selected the “Playful Prep” clutch. Actually Sephora has something fun and different every week that you can choose from. Bellow I pictured just some of the products that came in the bag::


My very first Lancome product. I have never purchased from Lancome before.

IMG_2574_copy copy

A Nars mascara.


A Sephora gloss (which I loved right away after trying).

IMG_2590_copy copy

An UD Setting Spray. This will be the first time trying out a setting spray.


And a Glamglow Cleanser. I also got hair oil, lip balm, perfume and the beautiful clutch. Again, I am on a budget, but if you spend over $50, your shipping is free. Oh, and I also received a ton of samples as well. This was such a fun and smart way of getting something useful for myself. I recommend you always look for those special sales or offers. And you know me, I travel and therefore I adore sample size products.

Also, changing the subject a bit, I got the best present, ever, which was an invitation to the hottest magic/illusion show of our time::

I’ve seen David a year ago, and the show was fantastic (although I’m still missing the beautiful women and the romantic sketches from his performances), but the show (hard to believe) is actually better from last year! Somehow he always finds a way to make it tighter, more precise and original. Every moment is worked out to a perfection and I do recommend you to check out his work when you are in Vegas. XO