Miss Katalin Las Vegas Private Event Magician

Miss Katalin Las Vegas female magician exclusive magic show at a private residence

“Katalin is simply fantastic! We loved her charming personality and amazing magic!”

– Barbara Jones

Searching to make your private event memorable and looking for something truly entertaining? Garden party, magical wedding, fundraiser or a special private event at your favorite venue, either way you want something truly entertaining. And that is why I’m here.
Miss Katalin Las Vegas female magician corporate entertainer magic showHi, I’m Katalin, and I’ve been performing magic since I can remember. I’m originally from the homeland of Houdini – so if you detect a little accent, that is because I’m born and raised in Budapest, now living in Las Vegas. My journey to America was adventurous, and if you like to read more about how it all began, check my “about” page.
But seriously, long story short, I’ve been performing in Vegas for a while now – both on and off stage – and I absolutely adore making people laugh and yes, sometimes scream with my magical skills. You may call me a conjuror, or a strolling magician. I perform both large scale events on stage, where I help present awards or make the birthday boy/girl appear out of thin air, and I also perform up close, personable magic effects, where the miracles happen right at your friends fingertips! After every performance I leave my audience in laughter and amazement, scratching their head, wondering “how did she do that”?

“Miss Katalin rocks the party! And that’s a fact!”

– Judy Karash

Private Event Magic ShowMy personalized magic performance is loaded with surprises, so buckle up! You will see unique and visual special effects packed with joy and unexpected magic! Including:
  • and SO MUCH MORE!!
Maybe you have seen David Copperfield, or Chris Angel, and you might want to see something new and fresh! Perhaps you are a big fan of Penn and Teller, but now there is the time to experience magic up close. If you enjoy watching America’s Got Talent performers, then I know you will love seeing my performance (and yes, you can ask me “why haven’t you been on America’s Got Talent?” when we meet. I get that question all the time.)
So, here is your opportunity to experience card magic, coin magic, and yes, even levitation magic effects up close! Can you guess the magic secrets? Who knows, I might just reveal magic and teach you some tricks as well, so prepare for a fun evening filled with wonder and amazement!
Oh, and did I mention my private magic show can be themed and personalized!
You too can now experience a wondrous private magic show performance.
Booking is so easy!
Grab your date now before it disappears!!


“Katalin is super cooperative, likable and just down-to-Earth professional! Thank you for making our event memorable!”

– Jennifer Summers


Making your guests scream from excitement is just one of the surprises you can expect when I hit the scene!
I can guarantee a mind-blowing experience, where your guests can participate in every magic effect!
Make your event a memorable one!

What to look for when hiring a professional entertainer for your private event

Every performer has their own style, but not every style will fit a private event, especially if your location is classy and upscale or very personable. Look for a performer who will fit the atmosphere and be able to make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable.

Check out the entertainer’s performance video and ask yourself, would this talent make my event into an extraordinary one? Would this person be a good fit and appropriate for our venue? What would my friends say after the event?

Asking these questions will narrow down your choices. It’s always best to work with an entertainer who has been performing private events professionally, so you can see the atmosphere they can create during and after their performances.

Book early

Las Vegas private event entertainers are in high demand, and the best ones book up quickly! Reserve your date(s) as early as possible, especially if you are very selective about your choices.