Famous Female Magicians That Changed History

Female magicians are popping up here and there, the art of magic is no longer a mysterious skill to master, and you cannot browse the internet without being offered to learn some magical secrets by various enthusiasts of magic. One can no longer tell the difference between an actual skill and a video effect. The modern content creator has no limits to draw attention to impress, keeping us forever entertained and amazed!

In this confusing wave of information, and the plethora of entertainers demonstrating quick magic effects, you might find it informative to see this list of professional female magicians, who made a difference in the world of magic.

Juliana Chen

– First World Champion Lady Magician –

Graceful Chinese ballerina and professional acrobat turned magician has shocked the magic world with her unique and graceful sleight-of-hand performance.

Besides many first-place awards, she has already won the coveted title of “Best Magician in China” in the year of 1985, so it came as no surprise that she also received the first place award at the World Championship of Magic (FISM) with her unique and mesmerizing performance in 1997.

Juliana is also a producer and teacher of magic, guiding upcoming talents to make a difference in the field of magic.

beautiful Juliana Chen smiling while posing with two fans of cards during her award winning sleight of hand magic act on stage

Melinda Saxe

– First Lady of Magic –

Born in Tennessee to show business parents, Melinda quickly developed her interest of performing from her mom, Bonnie, a professional dancer and choreographer.

After graduating in Las Vegas, she became one of the dancers in the spectacular Siegfried & Roy magic show! Melinda was inspired by the great success the two German magicians were receiving with their large scale illusions, so she decided to work on her own magic show.

She became the first female magician to appear in Vegas with her full-evening magic show and also appeared in various TV programs showing off her doll-like beauty and sweet personality.

Barbie doll beauty, Melinda Saxe seductively posing for the camera behind a sheer fabric that silhouettes her lovely figure to promote her Las Vegas magic show

Gloria Dea

– The Youngest Working Magician in the World –

7 year old Gloria Metzner was already wowing the audiences in 1929, as she appeared before Oakland’s semi-private audiences throughout the city.

Her father, the Vice-President of the Oakland Magic Circle, was able to help her with a head start, her magic act was filled with a variety of routines, like producing a pigeon, making money disappear and restoring a torn-up paper back into one piece!

No wonder why this charming young girl will become a glamorous Hollywood actress, soon to be known as Gloria Dea!

Charming moment of young lady Gloria Dea holding billiard balls and a magic wand in a short skirt dress

Celeste Evans

– The Beauty of Magic –

Shocking the world in the 50’s, this Canadian born dynamic lady appeared on the scene, mesmerizing audiences with her skillful magic act, producing cards and doves out of thin air.

Celeste Evans inspired many young girls to learn magic during her various nationwide television appearances and on her various world tours!

A favorite of Liberace, Paul Winchell, Arthur Godfrey, Barbara Walters and Ed Sullivan, just to name a few.

You can read more about her exciting journey on her autobiography entitled “I Can Still See Me.”

Striking beauty of Celeste Evans holding a perching dove on her finger

Dell O’Dell

– The World’s Leading Lady Magician –

Della Newton, daughter of American traveling showman, Lucky Bill Newton, learned juggling and acrobatics when growing up. She was everything but ordinary, an advocate of women’s health and physical fitness, and she had a very successful balancing act.

Finally, she changed her name to Dell O’Dell and performed in her own circus show with various animals and acrobats. After marrying Swiss juggler, Charles Carrer, she started developing her magic act, with the great help of her husband, who was also a talented prop builder and her show manager.

She has inspired many girls when appearing on her own television show called The Dell O’Dell Show, in 1951.

Della is holding a net that has ten doves perching around the edge


– President of the First Lady’s Magic Club –

Marian Chavez, the charming wife of Benito Chavez, learned magic while assisting her husband, performing as “Benny Chavez and Delorys.”

They together played the vaudeville circuit in the 1930’s.

The fortunate night club audiences of Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco was able to enjoy her solo performance during the 1940’s.

Together with her husband, they opened the school called, “The Chavez Studio of Magic.”

Mademoiselle Margo

– The Mirthful Mystic –

This Irish-born lady learned from “The Great Roland” while assisting in his shows.

Margo has wowed audiences in the UK, and in 1913 she was soon discovered by Harry Rickards, who brought her to Australia where she continued to amaze her audiences with her Wonderful Glass Jug Mystery act. This was the highlight of her show, where she turned water into whatever drink the audience wished to taste! Margo’s show was a hit that brought her all over Europe and Africa.

Her playful French accent charmed the audience to the tee. She even received a marriage proposal from a gentleman, after him helping her on stage. However, Mdlle Margo was already married, and always traveled with her husband/manager.

She had breath-taking wardrobe, and the same costume she never wore two nights in succession during one season.

Vintage poster titled Mdlle Margo, The Mirthful Mystic. Her face illustrated in the jug filled with clear water and 3 glasses empty to be filled. On the bottom reads "In her wonderful glass jug mystery".

Suzy Wandas

– The Lady with the Fairy Fingers –

Born into an entertainment family, little Jeanne grew up watching her father practice magic while entertaining Belgian audiences with his traveling theater. Her mom was part of the show, so it was just a matter of time before Jeanne adopted the stage name Susy, and joined them on stage.

The sudden death of her father brought the idea to add her brother to the show, creating the “Three Wandas” spectacular, but with him leaving to serve in the army during WWI, mother and daughter decided to continue the show as “The Wandas Sisters”, wowing the crowds of Europe.

Finally, when mom retired, Susy continued her performances as a solo act, blowing people away with her charming looks and undeniable skills, including cigarette and coin sleights.

Mercedes Talma

– Queen of Coins –

English born, Mary Ann Ford, learned the secrets of magic from her Belgian husband, Servais Le Roy, who was one of the greatest magicians and inventors of his time. With a third partner- performer, they created, “Le Roy, Talma & Bosco,” often billed as “The Comedians de Mephisto” and were successful performing during the first half of the 20th century.

Talma’s love of practicing made her to be a superior sleight-of-hand performer with coins, which was confirmed by no other then Houdini himself.

People were pleasantly surprised by her producing money from the empty pockets of some innocent members of the audience (without her wearing a sleeve), and also levitated during their grand show.


– The Goddess of Mystery –

Famous British magician and magic-trick manufacturer, Charles de Vere, created an elaborate touring illusion act for his beautiful daughter, Clementine, in 1909.

Her performance name was, “Ionia,” and she entertained french audiences with her large illusion show.

Her mom, Julia Ferret, performed under the stage name, “Okita.”

Ionia performed for only three short years, but her beautiful posters are now considered by collectors to be some of the most artistic and acquired artworks.


– The First Occidental Magician –

Julia Ferret was born in England and learned the secrets of magic from her husband, Charles De Vere.

Her exotic stage name, “Okita,” drew much attention, being the first occidental magician on record, performing a Japanese style act in 1877.

Julia and Charles had a daughter, who also performed large scale illusions in her own spectacular show under the name, “Ionia”.

Bamboo framed asian-themed poster illustration of Julia dressed in a kimono, holding up a paper that reads "Okita". To her right a little girl wearing a kimono, holding up a fan. Was this the young Ionia?

Adelaide Herrmann

– The Queen of Magic –

Adelaide Scarcez born in London to Belgian parents, and started her career as a professional dancer and bicycle act. She was one of the beautiful dancers of the celebrated Hungarian Kiralfy Brothers’ spectacular, when she met her husband, Alexander Herrmann, also known as, “The Great Herrmann.”

She became a key part of the act, presenting unique illusions, where she was even shot out of a cannon!

After her husband’s death in 1896, she became a solo performer for 30 years until a devastating warehouse fire which destroyed all the Herrmann magic props.

Besides her skill with billiard balls, she was one of the few magicians to perform the infamous bullet catch, catching six bullets fired at her by local militiamen.

Beautiful poster illustration of Adelaide holding a sword. To her right a beheaded lady reaching up, and her head is resting and smiling on a column above the body. A flying devil is to the right, raising his hand over this column. Below reads "hindoo magic"