Recap of my last year [New Video]

Thank you for those very few who guided me and helped me on the road, thank you for the many who set me back and taught me to get stronger! I greatly appreciate all the struggle, every tear and every laughter. It is the road that no-one has traveled before what makes you the great explorer, the leader. Never mind all the scars, because a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. So here we are, ready for new adventures, new possibilities. I wish you a happy new year! Be bold, be unique because you are lucky to be you! <3

This Is My Home [Video]

Ah China… How could I live without you? Can you tell, I’m in love? Our affair started two years ago, at my first appearance in Beijing.

Bringing some magic and lots of love and laughter for the kids, it was the most rememberable time of my year! (I can’t believe how fast time flies!)

Happy Valley Opening Ceremony
Notice the Hungarian flag at the opening ceremonial-dance of the Golden Week!

Have YOU ever been to China? I was holding out going for so long, because of schedule management..  And I was pleased to finally go, bringing my sister along and making many friends and new memories. I think I can confirm, ours is now more than just an affair. We have seen each other many times soon after (such as the College Magic Festival, The Great Magician TV show, Spring Festival..), and I think it’s getting pretty serious. 😉


Mother Teresa

Stay Magical! <3

My Last Time [New Video]

Do you remember when was the last time you got really angry? Or you laughed so hard, you were crying? 🙂 Here are some of my last time:

OK! Your turn! Just copy/paste the Qs bellow at the comment box! I want to see your answers!

1. When where you crying laughing the last time? Where and why?
2. When was the last time you got angry?
3. When did you patted an animal?
4. The last time you played something?
5. When did you eat something strange? What was it?
6. When was the last time you cried?
7. The last time you painted your nails? (Guys: when was the last time you shaved your beard?) 🙂

As always, thanks for watching, reading and I’m looking forward to your answers! <3

What’s in my BAG

Here I’m sharing with you the great mystery:

What’s in my BAG!

The lovely, jazzy beat is of course by Levente Egry. You can hear more of his work on his SoundCloud::

Goodies Breakdown::

Bag & Shoes:: Guess by Marciano –
Jeans:: MissMe –
Top:: American Apparel –
Necklace:: vintage
Sunglasses:: Cole Haan –
Phone:: iPhone 6 –
Hand Cream from Korea:: InnisFree –
Wallet:: Kenneth Cole Reaction –
LipBalm:: Malin+Goetz –
Powder Foundation:: Bare Minerals –
Perfume:: Juicy Couture –
Hair Oil:: Bumble and bumble –
Confetti (free with the purchase of the ticket):: Blue Man Group –

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My First Q&A Video [Panda Wanted]

I gathered some questions that you guys asked me and decided to answer you in a video!

I shot this for you guys at the end of my day (as most of my “behind the scenes” videos) so forgive me if I’m not as energetic..



The lovely, jazzy beat is of course by Levente Egry. You can hear more of his work on his SoundCloud:: ♫

Top and floral shorts:: Guess by Marciano –
Jeans:: TexWood –
Red Jean Skirt::
Black Skirt:: Vince Camuto –
Accessories:: All made somewhere mysterious in China ☺

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My Oldest Magic Treasures [Video] Watch Now

Sometimes, your dream-job doesn’t exist. You must create it yourself!

Do you remember how you started the work you are doing today? What was the first spark? A fire that nobody can put out, no matter what happens in life. For me, that spark started when I was very little and from then on, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Life changes, the road gets bumpy, but somehow, I still possess some of my oldest magic props that shared the stage with me when I was a little magician.

No worries if you don’t know what you want to do when you “grow up”! We are always changing as our path takes us to discover different opportunities!


How about you? Do you still own or remember your first treasures  and/or opportunities that responsible of where you are today?

What I Packed For My Trip To Japan [Video]


Isn’t is fun when you have the chance to travel the world and explore? I’m very fortunate to discover different cities because of my work. I was just invited to perform for Asahi Tv! BUT, in order to get the most out of my time, I need to be absolutely ready and of course to pack light. That doesn’t mean I have to give up my style. So in this fun little video I wanted to share with you exactly what clothes I packed for Tokyo and how I mixed and layered the pieces. Hope this will give you some fun ideas and perhaps help you to break some rules!

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