Dances With Lions

I was so excited showing my presentation for the board meeting of the upcoming episodes of “The Great Magician“! The idea of bringing an actual dragon to the stage would be so awesome as it is a legendary creature in Chinese mythology and I  have never done anything like this before.

Katalin presentation

However, the producers looked at me strangely; the photos in my presentation showed two images of the scary creature. Well, as I found out during our discussion.. One was a dragon and the other is a lion! What? Those are two different creatures? Of course, when I look at it now.. it is really different.

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Sailin’ Away


When the choreographer showed up and the girls started warming up in their little rehearsal outfits, all ready to burn the dance floor.. I was looking for the “exit” sign. “Check please!” Of course I acted like I’m all cool.. But in truth, I have no idea how to move or even count the steps! Seriously, the reason I never joined the aerobic team at the gym, because when everybody was moving to the rhythm, I was stepping the opposite direction, knocking over people accidentally, stumping on strangers feet.. So I never really forced the idea. Bur now I have to synchronize with my dancers, moving to the music, on prime time, Chinese television. In short: Mission::Impossible

Katalin dance

Not having enough time to rehears – I mean, AT ALL – I’m just trying to remember as many directions as I can, told by the Chinese choreographer, who – so as everybody around me – was not speaking a word in English. Supaaa~Continue Reading →

Lifetime of Achievements

I remember running in the dressing room to prepare my props and table, and the music coming from the stage made my heart jump! I knew that I’m following the performer on stage and for a second I thought I will faint from the excitement if I have to compete in front of all those people in the audience! This was my first experience of the famous, Hungarian Corodini Magic Competition! Not even thinking that 15 years after this, I will be living in America, working as a magician!

Recently I’ve been honored to present a legend, Mr Tihany of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the famous Corodini Magic Association! Mr Tihany, who was born in Hungary -just like Erik Weisz (aka Houdini), Rubok Erno, or Kempelen de Pázmánd (aka Wolfgang von Kempelen) just to name a few-, but immigrated when he was only 14 years old, now living in a beautiful home in a heart of Las Vegas, surrounded by memories and awards. He created the famous Tihany Circus at a very young age and actually learned magic from his dear friend, Corodini!

What a magical moment it was talking to the 98 year old Mr Tihany when I handed him the Corodini award! Telling me about his family, journey, travels… Truly magical!


Our first time meeting, when Mr Tihany visited to see the World’s Greatest Magic Show at the Greek Isles Hotel in Las Vegas! We took this photo after the show.


And look what I’ve found! A diploma from the Corodini Magic Competition and I believe my dad has the actual award that I’ve also received! This competition is still happening in Budapest, every year, where the upcoming, young magicians can show off their skills and new ideas!


What a great time it was getting stage experience during these European competitions and guest appearances in some tv shows! I’m so grateful for this time in my life 🙂



Preparations and Showtime

After 4 weeks of testing (consuming, really) traditional Chinese food, and try mastering the proper pronunciation of these special dishes, I was pretty sure, nothing can stop me for surviving and succeeding in Beijing!

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This wasn’t my first time in China, and I have tested many strange things before.. So I was ready for this game!

Number of weeks of rehearsals and preparations with the well-known opera singer and lovely partner of mine, Mr Yang! We created one of the teams of the six in the successful, Chinese reality tv series, “The Great Magician”.


The language barrier was I think the most difficult that we had to overcome! I was studying every day.. But Chinese.. (I’m Hungarian, you know! Which is not an excuse.. just saying’) But my tongue doesn’t even bend that way (as pervy as it sounds) but it’s true! I simply can’t pronounce most of their words! I truly respect those foreign students that speak many languages with such an ease! How do you guys do that??Continue Reading →

The Journey Continues

Norbert Ferre, Katalin and Eric Eswin

What a wonderful surprise when you see your friends the other side of the world! That’s exactly what happened in China at the shooting of the 3rd episode of the Great Magician TV show, when I was surprised by World Champion Magician, Norbert Ferré from France and FISM President, Eric Eswin from the Netherlands! Sometimes I feel like Pitbull.. I’m so International nowadays… 😛

Katalin_Eric Eswin
Eric Eswin and Katalin

The beginning of my lighting rehearsal. not knowing I will spend 4 1/2 hours of lighting and torturing the crew how to do it right… (with no luck..)

Lighting rehearsal

I believe I was checking on the Chinese Translator… “I quit” 😛


Here is a moment on stage where I actually prove that the table is completely empty before we raise the white cloth than make my partner appear! However, this part was completely cut from the show..


A fun, bonus info of this episode is that I wasn’t sleeping for days, only maybe 3-4 hours… So the day of the shooting, I completely slept in, and woke up when we started shooting.. I just pulled myself together and did my hair, makeup and get dressed in a record breaking speed! (Notice my over-blushed cheeks) 😀 So funny, how hard we worked for this four minutes.. yet I almost missed it… 😛 Oops!

Watch our performance:


Watch the full episode:


Teacher and Student Take the Stage for the First Time

If you watched the first episode of 大魔术师 aka The Great Magician, you know by now, that I choose Mr Yang as my partner to teach, and perform magic with for the competition!

The most challenging part was the language, because I don’t speak Chinese, just some basic words, but Mr Yang doesn’t speak English.. AT ALL! 🙂 Whew!


My partner is a very famous opera singer in China, so as I’m teaching him the art of magic, in return he was helping me with singing lessons, which was really fun!

However, we were able to do a talking, comedy routine and I’m very pleased with him, because he completely ruled the stage, and I was only there to help him.. Make the actual magic happen. 😉


All the performers were really kind to me, and the support was tremendous! I was proudly representing the American (and Hungarian) magic art as the only Caucasian performer in the show! 🙂

Here is the video of our performance:


The full, second episode of The Great Magician:

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 4.43.18 PM

My Debut on CCTV – 大魔术师 Episode One

Challenging and exciting to be in this amazing project, especially this size, in China, the 大魔术师 aka the Great Magician. Magic and Variety are still very popular in Asian countries and I’m very grateful to be a part of this reality-based magic show. Especially that all the performers were treated with respect and professionalism! You can read more about the show here!

Watch my intro video on 大魔术师:

Watch my performance on the first episode:

great magician stage


Watch the full first episode:

Katalin episode1


Check out the official page of the show: 

qiy official

大魔术师 The Magic Show from Beijing to Times Square, NY

大魔术师 aka “The Great Magician” is China’s First Stars’ Magic Reality Show, which features 6 magicians and their chosen celebrity students!

The show’s lead judge is the very hot Jay Chou who draw many eyes to the show, especially for the opening ceremony! Jay not only participates as the lead judge, but also performs some magic on his own!

周董魔术 大魔术师

Jay Chou and Katalin

The premiere of our show was also aired on Times Square, NY!

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The first episode is the most exciting, as the magicians are choosing their students, but only can choose the one, who chosen them first! Because I am closing the show, most celebrities are already taken.. But I still have 2 talents to choose from! Aniu, who is an adorable, talented singer, song writer, actor, director and Mr Yang, who is a well respected opera singer and celebrity in China!

Our long shooting day ended with an exciting press conference, where we introduced our show, ideas and personality to the media.

cctv press conference

Our show is available to watch exclusively on iQiyi and also can find many articles online:

Also, view more image of the actual press conference by clicking this image bellow:

Miss Katalin press conference cctv


More updates are coming soon! xo