Happy New Year China!! 新年快乐中国 – The Full Performance Video

I’m so excited to share with you guys this most recent TV project I was working on! The preparations were craaaazy, and everything set for the very last minute.. you know.. TV.. 🙂 However I am grateful for my professional team and the television who made this project possible and a very special Thank You for the amazing Eun Gyeol Lee for the original design of illusions and for LVNT for the awesome beat for my show! Also, very proud of my sweet partner from 大魔术师, Mr Yang who is always ready to be part of the magic! <3


And the behind the scenes:

The Highlights [Spring Festival TV Show]

I was honored to join the special celebration of this year’s Chinese New Year with the amazing celebrities and multi-talented artists at the Gala TV Show! Here are some highlighted action photos I just received from this “once in a lifetime” event! I’m so blessed!

Miss Katalin Spring Festival 2015

Do you remember my sweet partner, Mr Yang from the Reality Tv Show from last summer? We performed our favorite, and highest rated act from the tv show “大魔术师” aka the Great Magician!

Miss Katalin Mr Yang Spring Festival 2015

After our duet of the famous song “青春修煉手冊” from TFBOYS, the hosts, Wang Jue (Chopsticks Bro.) and Li Hao joined us on stage and challenged us to sing another song. This time, it was the super addicting song of our host’s Wang Jue’s “Little Apple”! You probably remember him from the recent American Music Awards.

Miss Katalin and hosts Spring Festival 2015

Challenge accepted! 😉

Miss Katalin singing Spring Festival 2015

We got the moves!! 😀


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Behind the Scenes of My Chinese Spring Festival Magic Show

As I promised, here is the behind the scenes of the most recent project, the Chinese Spring Festival TV show!


Watch how we prepare!

Do you guys remember my sweet partner, Mr Yang from the “Great Magician” TV show from last summer?

Special thank you to the amazing Eun Gyeol Lee for his original design of the incredible spiker illusion that you going to see me perform! Coming up next!

How did you celebrated New Year? 🙂

I’m back in China!

This is my fifth trip to China and I just finished a one month engagement in Korea!

This time, I am preparing for the Spring Festival tv show! Let’s go!


Breezy, chilly yet something about this city that warms my heart. I adore Chinese food and the culture. Every time I come, I learn something new and I feel, I’m a stronger person.

tea time


The beautiful Railway Hotel, where I was able to rest after the full days of work and preparation.

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The Table

Almost 3 years now the last time I had the opportunity to visit home. I grew up in Hungary in a home with chickens, pigs, ducks and at one point, we had an angry turkey as well. 🙂

I had discovered at the back of the chicken scoop, which now was empty and quiet (no squawking).. that my table and parts of an older illusion was there. All covered in dust, ready to be butchered up, thrown into the fire so it too can keep the little home of my grandparents stay warm for the winter.

When I saw this table, all those memories rushed back to me again. My very first table I stood on stage with. My very first competition (when I almost fainted, going out on stage) and my first time with this table, traveling to neighbor countries magic competition to show my act to the magic community.

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Memories.. My first magic table top! 😱👏😢

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Can you spot my table (and the red stool as well with the circles cut out at the sides) on the video bellow?

This was also the time when I finally saw my sister again, almost 3 years ago. We were visiting my dad, it was so much fun!



I don’t have control over the things that stayed behind when I left home. I only took a bag to America with me when I left. Some clothes but mainly magic props. I had no idea it will take 3 years for me to go home again. And after that, another three.

I don’t care for the table anymore. I just hope to keep the family with me forever.


Dances With Lions

I was so excited showing my presentation for the board meeting of the upcoming episodes of “The Great Magician“! The idea of bringing an actual dragon to the stage would be so awesome as it is a legendary creature in Chinese mythology and I  have never done anything like this before.

Katalin presentation

However, the producers looked at me strangely; the photos in my presentation showed two images of the scary creature. Well, as I found out during our discussion.. One was a dragon and the other is a lion! What? Those are two different creatures? Of course, when I look at it now.. it is really different.

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Sailin’ Away


When the choreographer showed up and the girls started warming up in their little rehearsal outfits, all ready to burn the dance floor.. I was looking for the “exit” sign. “Check please!” Of course I acted like I’m all cool.. But in truth, I have no idea how to move or even count the steps! Seriously, the reason I never joined the aerobic team at the gym, because when everybody was moving to the rhythm, I was stepping the opposite direction, knocking over people accidentally, stumping on strangers feet.. So I never really forced the idea. Bur now I have to synchronize with my dancers, moving to the music, on prime time, Chinese television. In short: Mission::Impossible

Katalin dance

Not having enough time to rehears – I mean, AT ALL – I’m just trying to remember as many directions as I can, told by the Chinese choreographer, who – so as everybody around me – was not speaking a word in English. Supaaa~Continue Reading →

Lifetime of Achievements

I remember running in the dressing room to prepare my props and table, and the music coming from the stage made my heart jump! I knew that I’m following the performer on stage and for a second I thought I will faint from the excitement if I have to compete in front of all those people in the audience! This was my first experience of the famous, Hungarian Corodini Magic Competition! Not even thinking that 15 years after this, I will be living in America, working as a magician!

Recently I’ve been honored to present a legend, Mr Tihany of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the famous Corodini Magic Association! Mr Tihany, who was born in Hungary -just like Erik Weisz (aka Houdini), Rubok Erno, or Kempelen de Pázmánd (aka Wolfgang von Kempelen) just to name a few-, but immigrated when he was only 14 years old, now living in a beautiful home in a heart of Las Vegas, surrounded by memories and awards. He created the famous Tihany Circus at a very young age and actually learned magic from his dear friend, Corodini!

What a magical moment it was talking to the 98 year old Mr Tihany when I handed him the Corodini award! Telling me about his family, journey, travels… Truly magical!


Our first time meeting, when Mr Tihany visited to see the World’s Greatest Magic Show at the Greek Isles Hotel in Las Vegas! We took this photo after the show.


And look what I’ve found! A diploma from the Corodini Magic Competition and I believe my dad has the actual award that I’ve also received! This competition is still happening in Budapest, every year, where the upcoming, young magicians can show off their skills and new ideas!


What a great time it was getting stage experience during these European competitions and guest appearances in some tv shows! I’m so grateful for this time in my life 🙂