Unboxing and Quiz Time [New Video]

Guess what! I’ve just received a new box of magic products to review, so if you want to see what’s coming up to TheMagicKit, check this out! (and also watch if you are interested which Disney Princess I am, based on my night of partying…)



Murphy’s Magic

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Magic effects::

Bare by The Other Brothers

FALL by Banachek and Philip Ryan

Luck of the Draw by Liam Montier

Chinese Tweezers by Mario Lopez and Tango Magic

Everlast by Rafael D’Angelo and Mazentic

Narcissus by Chris Philpott


Your Height With Strange Questions

What You Look Like From These 10 Questions

The State You Live In Based On Your Restaurant Choices

Tell Us About Your Night Of Partying And We’ll Reveal Which Disney Princess You Are


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How I Became a Female Magician

aka How I started magic and how this all happened?! The beginning was an adventurous journey, I tried squeezing into this youtube video as much as I can without creating a documentary of my childhood.. 🙂 I think this video should give you a little sneak peek, and perhaps encourage you to follow whatever your heart desires 🙂

My teacher at the time, Janos Habok was (and my personal opinion, still is) the best sleight of hand performer in Hungary. I was very lucky not to be forced into a “box” and to be given specific instructions on how to do what, but instead leaving blank spaces for me, and therefore allowing me to grow, and discover my own, original style.

PS: The choker I’m wearing in this video it’s coming to the store soon! 😉

Magic Of The Optical Illusion [New Video]

New magic video is here! I love creating these types of videos, my vignettes. Here is the one I just shot yesterday:


Levente Egry

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Strange Hungarian Expressions [New Video]

I decided to collect some random Hungarian expressions.. make sure you take some notes if you are prepping to visit Hungary for sure.. 🙂

As I mentioned in the video, new magic clips are coming up (working on them as I’m writing this), and if you have any suggestions that you would like me to show you next, let me know!


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Summer Favorites [New Video]

This summer went really fast. I’ve decided to make a special video highlighting some of my favorite moments of the summer in Vegas. Fashion faves, lifestyle, food and some pets. 🙂 Enjoy ❤

My First Time at MAGIC [New Video]

Last week was my very first time at MAGIC, the world’s largest fashion marketplace!

I was modeling, performing magic and making new friends! Such a great experience!

You can find all my other “special shows” and appearances right here.

As always, thank you for your support ♥