Summer Favorites [New Video]

This summer went really fast. I’ve decided to make a special video highlighting some of my favorite moments of the summer in Vegas. Fashion faves, lifestyle, food and some pets. 🙂 Enjoy ❤

My First Time at MAGIC [New Video]

Last week was my very first time at MAGIC, the world’s largest fashion marketplace!

I was modeling, performing magic and making new friends! Such a great experience!

You can find all my other “special shows” and appearances right here.

As always, thank you for your support ♥

My Trip To Japan [New Video]

Come with me to beautiful Japan and peek behind the scenes of our TV shooting!

“King of Magic” was a LIVE TV show where conjurers around the world were appearing, showing off their signature creations. You can read more about the show HERE!

Thank you for watching! ❤

Tasting Korea [New Video]

This time I’m discovering imported, Korean treasures in Vegas. I was really curious, is the food only scary in Korea, or do they import/export the very strange stuff as well?? Let’s find out:


ps: Here is what I found in Busan while I was performing there:

My Favorite Stage Moments [New Video]

If you have been following my journey for a while, you know I had the fortune to perform and create many different shows, and I decided to squeeze them all (my favorite moments) into one short film. So here it is! I thank you for all of the people who gave me the chance to shine, who had faith in my work and vision and all of you who are supporting me! Enjoy! ❤

Burlesque Behind The Scenes [New Video]

Great seeing you guys at the Burlesque Show the other night, it was great hearing you scream and have fun! I know many of you couldn’t make it, so no worries, here is a little teaser, behind the scene video from the Baobab Stage. Hope to see you all next time! ❤