Happy New Year Korea!

Fun moments and laughter I squeezed into this 1 minute video. Our week at the Samjoo Art Hall went quick! So many amazing people I met after the show, and lovely children as well! It’s still freezing outside, but not snowing. (Yay) My New Year went fast, I didn’t even realized it’s already the end of 2014!

Wish you to stay strong, focused and positive for this new year! <3

My Christmas Week in Korea – World Class Magician Show

Merry Christmas guys! I hope you had a fun, loving, peaceful time, and that you are ready for New Year!

We are here in Busan, Korea and performing two shows a day at the Samjoo Art Hall! I absolutely love our audience, and the energy of our team! Everybody is dedicated, professional and passionate, I can’t ask for more! Thank you guys for being so nice! It’s a bless working with you all!!

Here is my Xmas week in a short video:

World Class Magician Rocking Korea – My Journey Continues

Here we come to our second week in Busan, Korea!

Finally I had the chance to see the city a bit more and get some fun after the shows! Here is a little sneak peek of my journey so far:

Wow! #Korea

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I’m also looking forward to trying more food! XD

Hello Korea! So Great To See You!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about coming to Korea! Over the years I met with many sweet Korean friends, and in my opinion, some of the greatest minds in magic are coming from Korea!

Our first week in Busan was super fun, and lot’s of work! I created a little video for you to see:

Also, here are my posts from Instagram so far:

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Freezing but still going! 😬❄️ #Korea

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Have a great December and keep warm! xo

The World Class Magician – 세계최고의 마술사들이!

Joined forces from Los Angeles, Las Vegas and from Japan! I’m so excited to be a part of this professional team! Ready to rock Busan!

Click the image to see more photos of the program and for showtimes!

World Class Magician


S TICKET으로 예매하기  http://me2.do/x8z4taAP

공연문의 1566-3651

홈페이지 www.mbcsamjooart.com

Hello Busan

First week down! That’s right! We started our show, the World Class Magician at the amazing MBC Magic Theater in Busan and ever since I stepped off the plane, we are going going going! Whew!

Katalin red carpet

Our show started December 10th and we are performing 2 shows a day, 6 days a week. The first week for me is the most important, because that’s where we set and tweak the lights, rehearse, prepare and work out all the bugs.. Here is a little teaser of one of my routines:

I love our crew! 100% dedicated, professional and sweet people! I’m honored to work with such a wonderful, easy going folks!

Korean crew