Backstage in Tokyo, Japan, shooting for TV Asahi! Forever grateful for this challenging project! I’m looking forward returning to Japan very soon! It’s a blessing to be a female magician!❤
Check out my full experience in Japan here!

Asahi Moment BTS


Here I am in Tokyo, Japan, shooting at TV Asahi, what a great project this was, forever grateful! Looking forward returning to Japan very soon! It’s a bless to be a female magician! ❤

Check out my full experience in Japan here!

What I Packed For My Trip To Japan [Video]


Isn’t is fun when you have the chance to travel the world and explore? I’m very fortunate to discover different cities because of my work. I was just invited to perform for Asahi Tv! BUT, in order to get the most out of my time, I need to be absolutely ready and of course to pack light. That doesn’t mean I have to give up my style. So in this fun little video I wanted to share with you exactly what clothes I packed for Tokyo and how I mixed and layered the pieces. Hope this will give you some fun ideas and perhaps help you to break some rules!

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The Taste of Japan [Snacking Video]

Here I go again! This time in Tokyo, Japan.

I had to do this video after I already shot a snacking video about Chinese food and Korean surprises.

This wasn’t my first time in Japan, but definitely the first time, trying out those snacks and food. Read More

Last time in Japan, I was performing at the famous Shinagawa Prince Hotel for a month and Asahi sponsored our show, called “Las Vegas Magic”. This time, I was invited to perform for Asahi Television for their new magic project.

Because it was such a last-minute (as it always is with television) I had to be creative and fast at the same time, how to produce the type of performance that will be appropriate for the Japanese Audience and the TV had their own ideas and suggestions as well.


My trip was very fast and didn’t had the chance to see the city, but to only enjoy Roppongi at it’s best, after sundown.


This reality magic show is actually a competition, where 4 Japanese magicians will show their best skill and the audience vote for their favorite. Read More