More Footage From China [Backstage Video]

With my fantastic Celeb-Partner, Mr Yang we competed against other talented magicians in the Great Magician Reality Tv Show that we shot in Beijing, China! This project was a blest and here are some of the unseen footage from Backstage!


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Dances With Lions

I was so excited showing my presentation for the board meeting of the upcoming episodes of “The Great Magician“! The idea of bringing an actual dragon to the stage would be so awesome as it is a legendary creature in Chinese mythology and I  have never done anything like this before.

Katalin presentation

However, the producers looked at me strangely; the photos in my presentation showed two images of the scary creature. Well, as I found out during our discussion.. One was a dragon and the other is a lion! What? Those are two different creatures? Of course, when I look at it now.. it is really different.

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Sailin’ Away


When the choreographer showed up and the girls started warming up in their little rehearsal outfits, all ready to burn the dance floor.. I was looking for the “exit” sign. “Check please!” Of course I acted like I’m all cool.. But in truth, I have no idea how to move or even count the steps! Seriously, the reason I never joined the aerobic team at the gym, because when everybody was moving to the rhythm, I was stepping the opposite direction, knocking over people accidentally, stumping on strangers feet.. So I never really forced the idea. Bur now I have to synchronize with my dancers, moving to the music, on prime time, Chinese television. In short: Mission::Impossible

Katalin dance

Not having enough time to rehears – I mean, AT ALL – I’m just trying to remember as many directions as I can, told by the Chinese choreographer, who – so as everybody around me – was not speaking a word in English. Supaaa~Continue Reading →

Another Real Sing Along (Lyric Edition Video is Here)

Yay! Finally the lyric edition of Another Real is here!
Throw your hands up with me and sing along!
On the background you can see the actual behind the scene footage from the 大魔术师 aka “The Great Magician” popular Chinese tv reality-magic show that I was a part of.

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Preparations and Showtime

After 4 weeks of testing (consuming, really) traditional Chinese food, and try mastering the proper pronunciation of these special dishes, I was pretty sure, nothing can stop me for surviving and succeeding in Beijing!


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This wasn’t my first time in China, and I have tested many strange things before.. So I was ready for this game!

Number of weeks of rehearsals and preparations with the well-known opera singer and lovely partner of mine, Mr Yang! We created one of the teams of the six in the successful, Chinese reality tv series, “The Great Magician”.


The language barrier was I think the most difficult that we had to overcome! I was studying every day.. But Chinese.. (I’m Hungarian, you know! Which is not an excuse.. just saying’) But my tongue doesn’t even bend that way (as pervy as it sounds) but it’s true! I simply can’t pronounce most of their words! I truly respect those foreign students that speak many languages with such an ease! How do you guys do that??Continue Reading →

The Journey Continues

Norbert Ferre, Katalin and Eric Eswin

What a wonderful surprise when you see your friends the other side of the world! That’s exactly what happened in China at the shooting of the 3rd episode of the Great Magician TV show, when I was surprised by World Champion Magician, Norbert Ferré from France and FISM President, Eric Eswin from the Netherlands! Sometimes I feel like Pitbull.. I’m so International nowadays… 😛

Katalin_Eric Eswin
Eric Eswin and Katalin

The beginning of my lighting rehearsal. not knowing I will spend 4 1/2 hours of lighting and torturing the crew how to do it right… (with no luck..)

Lighting rehearsal

I believe I was checking on the Chinese Translator… “I quit” 😛


Here is a moment on stage where I actually prove that the table is completely empty before we raise the white cloth than make my partner appear! However, this part was completely cut from the show..


A fun, bonus info of this episode is that I wasn’t sleeping for days, only maybe 3-4 hours… So the day of the shooting, I completely slept in, and woke up when we started shooting.. I just pulled myself together and did my hair, makeup and get dressed in a record breaking speed! (Notice my over-blushed cheeks) 😀 So funny, how hard we worked for this four minutes.. yet I almost missed it… 😛 Oops!

Watch our performance:


Watch the full episode: