One Night Only at Town Square Las Vegas

Babobab Burlesque

Join me with a night filled with sizzling energy and talented ladies of Las Vegas! This is a one night event, and I would love to see you there!

Tix are only $20 if you purchase them online, and it’s $25 at the door! Baobab Theater is located inside of Wassa’s Boutique on Town Square, Las Vegas.

Parking is best near Guitar Center and the theater is located across from Yard House Restaurant, close to the movie theater!

Hope to see you there! xo

Wassa Coulibaly direct from Zumanity, Cirque du Soleil

Improv Magic Backstage at The Great Magician TV Show

Lot’s of fun and improv magic with my dear friend, Eun Gyeol Lee.

He and I go way back… FISM 2003 at the Netherlands! We both were performing and we became friends there right away! Of course he is now a super-celebrity in Korea and I live in the USA, so it was great fun finally seeing him and working with him at this Chinese TV show, 大魔术师!

We had a little time, so we created a simple, improv magic video, just for fun! Enjoy!! 😛


And drumroll! Four of my random favorites, made in Korea:



Enchanting Moments At The Legendary Beverly Hills Hotel

Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Lauren Bacall.. These woman all have one thing in common for sure. Not that they are all beautiful, talented Hollywood legends, but also they all loved once place in the heart of Beverly Hills! The famous Beverly Hills Hotel! This was my first time performing at this enchanted place and I have to tell you, it was magical. Not what I did as a female magician but to be in a place with so many stories, and history!

The event was held at Bar Nineteen12 where French Music Producer, Jean-Michel Soupraya‘s upcoming artist, Kylie Marcus were performing her new songs! The bar is very relaxed and I was performing indoors and outdoors as well.

The guest were enjoying the music, the fantastic weather, beautiful view and up close, personal magic from me! I received this photo (bellow) from the man I was performing for who said to me:

“This (picture) reminded me of what you said about magic, that the magician fully engages the other person so much so that we forget about everything else in life and simply immerse oneself in that very moment. Thank you for giving me that moment, as evident in this picture, my smile sez it all.”

Miss Katalin magician performing for Beverly Hills Hotel guest, Cesar

We had a wonderful conversation about being in a present and appreciating life! They were telling me how much they loooove magic and I said to them about my feeling regarding this subject. I perform my magic to all the guests! Some people appreciate it, and some people feel like they have to figure out how the magic is done and prove to me that they can’t be fooled, and no matter what, they are smarter than anybody else in the room! 🙂 This always makes me smile! They are so busy proving something, that they are missing the very moment front of their own eyes (not seeing the forest from the tree)! I told Cesar and his friends: I’m not giving you anything. You have it in you and you are able to appreciate it! You still have the childhood innocents, the willingness to enjoy, let go and believe. And this is beautiful! Because dreamers are free spirits and can achieve anything they desire!

“Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.” – Walt Disney

Performing for G-Technology at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas!

G-Tech Mandarin Oriental Show
Love, love, love Vegas 😀

This Monday I had the pleasure to entertain the fantastic people from G-Technology! They specifically wanted a female magician! 🙂

MissKatalin G-tech3
Mandarin Bar where the event took place
MissKatalin G-tech5
Miss Katalin performing for the guests
MissKatalin G-tech6
Making money appear and vanish
MissKatalin G-tech4
The beautiful view from the Mandarin Bar
MissKatalin G-tech7
Reaction shot! 😀
MissKatalin G-tech10
Magical moments
MissKatalin G-tech8
Improv magic for the guests
MissKatalin G-tech9
My new British friends 🙂
The event was held at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas! This was my very first time at the hotel and I was totally blown away! Beautiful view, very classy atmosphere and joyful audience! I couldn’t ask for more! 😀
I also learned, there is number of Mandarin Oriental Hotels around the world! There is one in San Francisco, NY, Miami… Also in Tokyo, Macau, Singapore… AND in Europe as well!! Prague, Barcelona and more! Not in Budapest just yet, but I will keep on eyes of this hotel for sure!
In Vegas, between floor 3-23 are hotel rooms, and above the Mandarin Bar (where I was performing at) are actual suites where people can live! No casino, very private, very unique. Now that is just cool! 🙂
Have you ever been to the Mandarin Oriental? Would you live in a hotel in the hearth of Las Vegas? I wonder if this is the same in Macau or Prague..

Improv magic for Russell Simmons

Improv performance the for the amazing and inspiringly successful business magnate, Russell Simmons.

This was actually really fun, because this is the first time I met with Mr Simmons, and had no idea how much he loves magic!

He is not just an extremely kind and fun person, but he is also aware of the balance in life, which is very inspirational to me. He is a meditator besides a fantastic dad, a successful business person and now he has his new book out, Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple!




New Year’s Week At The Magic Castle

This was the very first time spending AND performing at the Magic Castle on New Years Eve!

I was so excited performing at the Palace of Mystery, especially because I added some new effects to my act!

The theme was “Alice in Wonderland”


Appearing at the College Magic Convention in Beijing, China

The first time traveling to China was absolutely amazing! We performed 4 shows a day for a week at Happy Valley!

This time we returned to Beijing, but the occasion was for something even more exciting! I was able to appear at the College Magic Convention, also promote the show on Chinese television and able to find the time to visit the Great Wall of China! So lucky!!

I squeezed in as much in a 4 minute video as I possibly can! 😉

Thanks for Zsuzsanna for her hard work making this video happen!

Here you can also find the television footage in YouKu, but I will warn you> It’s really silly!!

My Week In Pictures / Jet Lagged After China

Back to LA and getting prepared for the new shows!

First of all, happy and rested, back in my own bed after traveling to Beijing twice on the same month!

Went with a great friend to discover Downtown LA. Hey! I’m still new in town!

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We are blessed! 🙂 #sky #la #downtown #clouds

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When I had time, I was editing the video from China! It will be up soon, stay tuned!

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Coming up next! #china #tv #show #magic #CCTV

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And finally Sunday, my birthday! I was performing at a private community in Beverly Hills. I was blessed!


I hope they had as much fun as I did!


After the show I had a surprise birthday party that I had no idea about! It was awesome!


Than later I headed to the Castle to see my friends! With TV star, Steve Valentine and award winning French magician, Yuri Kaine!


Hope your last week was as fun as mine and have a successful new week! XO