My Trip To Japan [New Video]

Come with me to beautiful Japan and peek behind the scenes of our TV shooting!

“King of Magic” was a LIVE TV show where conjurers around the world were appearing, showing off their signature creations. You can read more about the show HERE!

Thank you for watching! ❤

Champagne at the Mansion [New Video]

Here it is! A little teaser of the shooting we did before we headed to Japan to do the actual LIVE TV Performance called “King of Magic” [キングオブマジック]! This was so much fun!

The King of Magic キングオブマジック Performance Highlights

Continue of my previous post, here is the actual sneak peek of my performance of TBS’ King of Magic LIVE TV show [キングオブマジック]. Hosted by actor Kotaro Koizumi [小泉孝太郎] and TBS spokesperson Yuri Sasagawa [笹川友里]. Performing for the live audience and for the eight celebrity judges. Because the show was specially created and directed (as most of my TV appearances are) you will see a variation of my classic “color-change” act. ❤

KatalinJapanStudio KatalinJapanLive2
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The King of Magic LIVE from Japan キングオブマジック

I can’t believe how much fun it was sharing the stage with some of the best illusionist of our time, showing our most original performance on Live TV! [マジック世界一決定戦キングオブマジック 禁断生放送!] It was definitely a dream came true! I only had little time discovering Tokyo, a super delicious tea house near the tv studio, but I hope to return for more!

If you remember, last year I appeared in a similar Japanese TV show, but this time, our performance was LIVE and made the whole trip even more fun and exciting! I am truly grateful for the experience and the chance to meet some wonderful people on my travel! ありがとうございました 観客 ❤

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Hello from Tokyo! Our magical journey goes on, but before I show you all the secrets of my recent tv project, I want to share an amazing tea house with you! Read More

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