Sleepless Dream [The Music Video] Watch Now

I’m ever so grateful for the wonderful people in my life! Inspired by my most exciting performance this year, The Chinese Spring Festival! Beat is by my dear friend and a true talent, LVNT and lyrics by me. Hope you will enjoy this, and if you do, support our work by downloading it through iTunes!
Dream freely, and be wild! No excuses, just do what you love to do and things will fall into place! <3



Another Real Sing Along (Lyric Edition Video is Here)

Yay! Finally the lyric edition of Another Real is here!
Throw your hands up with me and sing along!
On the background you can see the actual behind the scene footage from the 大魔术师 aka “The Great Magician” popular Chinese tv reality-magic show that I was a part of.

Please support my work and download Another Real from iTunes!

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