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Hello Sunday evening!

I hope you are well, and that you had a fun weekend! Where should I begin? So much to tell.. 🙂

First, thanks to everyone supporting R H E I A, and buying my new track! Also, we were 4th in the global glitch hop chart (for 2 days) with my recent mix!! Thank you for that! Also, you can support my music project on Patreon (and download all original tracks and full mix sets as I make them).

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/rheiaofficial/r-h-e-i-a-1903-future-bassglitch-hop/ width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1 light=1]


About the “secret project” that I have been posting on Instagram, is still coming, and will be revealed in March!

New video is coming Tuesday (early access for my supporters), that I just shot and edited! I will try to make more fun videos for us, because magic creations could take longer to make, and I don’t want you to guys think that I forgot you! 🙂

oh, and some new pix for fun:

Full, colored photo series for my amazing >>SUPPORTERS<<!

Have an awesome week! XO

PS: my ankle is much better now, but still pain comes and goes. I am taking it easy an no heels.. at least till April 9th..

my new project is here ◆ R H E I A

Do you remember the last time I published a post that I’m working on a new project of mine? Well, the wait is now over! I can tell you now that I’ve been secretly studying music production a few years now, and I’m ready to share my very first track that I just made! Please enjoy, this is my gift to you! <3

You can actually help me make my second track by buying my music here:: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/rheia/FollowMe

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Thank you for helping me remain a free and independent artist!

Sleepless Dream [The Music Video] Watch Now

I’m ever so grateful for the wonderful people in my life! Inspired by my most exciting performance this year, The Chinese Spring Festival! Beat is by my dear friend and a true talent, LVNT and lyrics by me. Hope you will enjoy this, and if you do, support our work by downloading it through iTunes!
Dream freely, and be wild! No excuses, just do what you love to do and things will fall into place! <3



Sleepless Dream – My New Song Is Here

Sleepless Dream900
With my song I wish all your dreams to come true in this new year, and that you stay strong, safe and live for the moment! I wish for you to realize, life is short and people around you are just like you or me. Please help one another because this year will pass, just like everything else and the energy you send out to the universe is the same you will receive back again. xo

Another Real Sing Along (Lyric Edition Video is Here)

Yay! Finally the lyric edition of Another Real is here!
Throw your hands up with me and sing along!
On the background you can see the actual behind the scene footage from the 大魔术师 aka “The Great Magician” popular Chinese tv reality-magic show that I was a part of.


Please support my work and download Another Real from iTunes!

Thanks for listening! I would love to read your comments!