About Katalin

My Story as a Female Magician

Well, hello there!

My name is Katalin (pronounced like Catalina Island, but without the A at the end), but my friends call me Kat. When I was 5 years old, I accidentally discovered an old magic kit in my grandmother's attic, and instantly fell in love! Although my parents (nor anyone else in my family) was in show-business, they did support me, so I was able to participate in different magic competitions in my homeland, Hungary, and in neighboring countries as well!

The awards I'm most proud of are:

At 15 years old, I received the 1st place (and the honoring title) of the "Magician of the Year" award at the IV. International Magic Competition

and the  "Grand Prix Prize" at the Czech Republic Magic Festival!

I listed below my other awards, if you are interested about learning more.

I was practicing and performing my magic in as many places as possible for my family, at school, and when I was 16, I auditioned to appear in Dubai. The producers liked my performance so much, that I was offered a 2 month contract to perform at the UAE, and they paid the extra expenses for my mom to chaperone me during my journey!

During the time of growing up in Budapest, I had the chance to perform and appear in various TV shows, morning interviews and some newspapers as well (I attached a montage video entitled "earlier performances"  if you would like to see my tiny self doing magic), but my most exciting performance was to be cast at the World Famous Moulin Rouge Nightclub, where I was added, not just as a "stand-alone act", but to interact throughout the spectacular show with various sleight-of-hand and special effects, which I enjoyed very much!

Finally, I decided to follow my dream, take a risk, and travel to Las Vegas; and just like that, I found myself at the Sahara Hotel as the 20 year old me standing at the window, awing at the mesmerizing lights of the Las Vegas strip, being fully aware that I only had enough money in my pocket for 2 more nights and not much else. Who knew that it would take another 5 years to finally return to Budapest and to see my family again..

record breaking productions

My earlier performances


At 13 years old //
1st place at the 2nd Železnobrodské Days of Magic Championship in Czech Republic

At 14 years old //
3rd place at the Serbian Magic Weekend Festival
3rd place at the 3rd Železnobrodské Days of Magic Championship in Czech Republic
1st place at the 3rd National Hungarian Magic Festival
1st place at the 4th International Magic Festival "Magician of the Year" award

At 15 years old //
2nd place at the 44. Austrian Magic Ring Congress
1st place and "Grand Prix Prize" at the Czech Republic "Magic Coctail"
1st place at the 12th "Corodini" Magic Cup Festival in Hungary
3rd place at the 7th Slovenian "Magibor" International Meetings of Wizards

After performing in America, I was honored to receive the "Cabaret Magician of the Year" award at the World Magic Awards on MyNetwork TV!

I was also awarded the "Best of Vegas Magicians" by The Expertise, and

voted Best Show in Nevada by the Audience Choice Award, and

broke all box office records at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo, Japan!!

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"Skillful magician, Katalin's expressions of presentation are absolutely infectious!"
Brett Revell - Las Vegas Today Magazine
"How the F%$@ did you do that??"
Russell Simmons
"You are incredible!"
Jane Fonda