About Katalin

My Story as a Female Magician

Miss Katalin is a multi-award winning illusionist, performer and sleight-of-hand artist. She has won the “Magician of the Year” award in her home country (Hungary), and the “Cabaret Magician of The Year” award in America. At a very tender age, Katalin was already performing in Dubai, UAE, appeared on one of the top cruise lines in Europe, and dazzled audiences at The Moulin Rouge Nightclub Theater! Soon she decided to follow her destiny and travel to the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas! She was quickly added to the All-Star Cast of the World’s Greatest Magic Show, headlining with accomplished, world-class illusionists!

  • Chosen as one of the Best Magicians in Vegas
  • Cabaret du Monde Special  Performance
  • Original creations for on and off stage
  • Early TV appearances with her award winning act

record breaking productions

My Journey

The Beginning

After only a few years in America, this “Budapest Bombshell” has taken the magic world by storm. With a fresh look at this ancient craft, Katalin has added a feminine twist to magic with her work being extremely tantalizing, stylish, yet skillful with a hint of comedy. Developing an interest in magic when she was just five years old, Katalin took the traditional approach when she was chosen to apprentice with master magician, Janos Habok. After years of study and rehearsal with an added dose of creativity, her magic is anything but traditional.


When she began performing, Katalin embarked on an unprecedented sweep of virtually every major magic competition by winning first place throughout her native Hungary, as well as, the surrounding countries, earning her the title, “Europe’s Premiere Female Magician”.


Record breaking

Katalin co-starred and created a magic show with Master Illusionist, Joseph Gabriel, that has been voted “Best Show of The Year” in Nevada and broke all box office records at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo, Japan! She was proudly representing the American magicians at the successful, Chinese Reality-Competition TV series “The Great Magician” [大魔术师] on CCTV3 and also representing her home country, Hungary at the recent Japanese Live TV Competition on TBS at “The King of Magic”. Katalin's dream came true by being the first Hungarian Magician performing illusions (and singing) at the Chinese Spring Festival TV show.

Special Awards and Titles

// Best of Vegas Magicians - The Expertise, 2017-2019.

// Cabaret Magician of the Year  - World Magic Awards, MyNetwork TV, 2009.

// Best Show in Nevada - Audience Choice Award, 2008.

// Magician of the Year - International Magic Festival, 1998.

Earlier Performances

How I started magic

"Skillful magician, Katalin's expressions of presentation are absolutely infectious!"
Brett Revell - Las Vegas Today Magazine
"How the F%$@ did you do that??"
Russell Simmons
"You are incredible!"
Jane Fonda