Magic Castle ◆ Secret Project Revealed ◆ Marvyn’s Magic Theater [new video]

It was really special to be one of the first performers appearing at the Marvyn’s Magic Theater in La Quinta! Technically, Joseph Gabriel was supposed to appear there first, but the venue didn’t receive their permit just yet, so he ended up performing for the crew and creators of the theater. Luckily, two weeks later, when I traveled there, the theater was able to open, and we ended up performing for invite-only guests, just like we planned! Also, we were able to present the “surprise project” on the stage that week.. but, you have to watch the video to find out what it was!

in this video:
Magic Reviews
The Magic Castle
Marvyn’s Magic Theater


  1. I hope you will enjoy my little video! I was trying to tape as much as possible, so you can see all the fun, and work…. ♡

    1. I’m always happy to see notifications about you posting things. ☺️ The surprise was something I never would have guessed. I hope someday soon you will do short illusion videos again. I enjoy those as well. I do have some ideas in mind for your channel that I think you would like. 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

    2. Köszönöm szépen! We enjoyed your final performance at the Magic Castle and appreciate the clip of our Hungarian group. Please share the Hungarian restaurant you found in La Quinta…we want to check it out. 😁

    1. Hi Joe! You can find all info about the ticket on the theater’s website: I’m not sure if they still do invite-only reservations with discounted tickets, but worth asking! I believe the official opening of the place will be on Halloween. I hope this helps!

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