Touch of Burlesque

Just a little sneak peek into my recent pix! I’ve been also taping upcoming video when I wasn’t performing :p Yes, if you follow me on IG or Fb, I was posting some BTS moments from the Aria! I really hope one day I can actually perform in public, because almost all my events are corporate or private events. 🙁


Full, colored photo series for my amazing >>SUPPORTERS<<!

Have an awesome weekend! XO


  1. Always looking beautiful. I wonder what the new video will be about. There are definitely things that you are doing that you haven’t revealed yet and I don’t know if you can. I know know if you would do this but maybe do a discussion video talking about the process of working in Vegas. I know you had different performances and have different act pieces but I’m definitely interested in what a full Katalin show would be like. I definitely have been thinking of some things that I would be willing to share.

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