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Hello Sunday evening!

I hope you are well, and that you had a fun weekend! Where should I begin? So much to tell.. 🙂

First, thanks to everyone supporting R H E I A, and buying my new track! Also, we were 4th in the global glitch hop chart (for 2 days) with my recent mix!! Thank you for that! Also, you can support my music project on Patreon (and download all original tracks and full mix sets as I make them).


About the “secret project” that I have been posting on Instagram, is still coming, and will be revealed in March!

New video is coming Tuesday (early access for my supporters), that I just shot and edited! I will try to make more fun videos for us, because magic creations could take longer to make, and I don’t want you to guys think that I forgot you! 🙂

oh, and some new pix for fun:

Full, colored photo series for my amazing >>SUPPORTERS<<!

Have an awesome week! XO

PS: my ankle is much better now, but still pain comes and goes. I am taking it easy an no heels.. at least till April 9th..


  1. I hope the next video you do is nice hang out and chat video just talking about things going on. I saw what this new video is about and I can’t wait to watch it to learn about your experience. VR is something I haven’t tried but I don’t know how I will react to it. I wonder what the secret project is and hope you will talk about it this month. I really want to talk to you about magic videos soon. I’ve had some ideas that I think you would like and enjoy doing. You bring out my creative side and I like doing things for you. Plus one idea could work well for you channel. I do hope your ankle gets better on its own or with some therapy. Something special is coming up for me that I wish you could be a part of.

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