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Hello Monday morning!

This past week was productive! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably seen me post “secret project” related vids and pix, which I cannot tell you about just yet, but very soon! It’s actually not my project, I was asked to be a part of the creation process, and I can tell you that it’s about the history of magic.. but it’s a special surprise that should be revealed in March!

I am also working on something very new, that is actually my project and should be published within a week! I’m so excited to share you this news, I cannot wait!

> for the magicians > and before I forget, have you seen my recent magic review video! I had such a great time going through your questions that you sent me about that new effect! Thanks for helping me out with that! I will be shooting the next review before March!

Have an awesome week! XO

Full, colored photo series for my amazing >>SUPPORTERS<<!


  1. Happy Monday Katalin. I hope you are also taking time to rest. 😊 I hope you got my card I sent recently. I’m very curious at all of the new things. Over the weekend I thought of a possible new video project that I want to talk about with you. It’s an interesting idea for a video series that I know you can have fun doing. I hope to hear from you at some point at least to just chat.

  2. These are really good news, I’m always willing to learn all about the history of magic from my all time favourite magicienne.

    May your week be as awesome, amusing and … well, stunning as you are, Katalin!

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