My AGT story ◆ Murphy’s magic review ◆ upcoming performance ◆ and more

♥♥This video is made possible by Cody Chavez and my amazing patreon supporters!♥♥

Here is my answer about what is up with my consideration of competing at America’s Got Talent. Also, a little sneak peek at my workshop, prepping something special for my supporters, and my upcoming performance in Hollywood!

in the video:
+ upcoming review: Imagination Box by Olivier Pont
+ my Patreon page:
+ my performances in Hollywood:

I’m so exited about this new show! I really hope that you can able to make it there and hopefully meet you in person! XO

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  1. I watched and left you a heartfelt comment. ❤️ There is something that I want to know that is private in nature that I have been wondering for several weeks now. I know you have your hands full with things and getting ready for a return trip to L.A. but I hope sometime after you get back and you have some free time, that you can answer my question. I hope you have a good time. 💐🥀

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