Las Vegas Vlog ◆ Mariah Carey ◆ Jubilee Theatre ◆ Q&A and more

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Thank you for all your questions! I wanted to keep this video around 10 min, so if I wasn’t able to squeeze in your Q, don’t worry, I will do a Q&A video again very soon!

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in this video:
Chinese TV series 大魔术师
How I started magic
my past Magic Castle performance
Mariah Carey Live in Las Vegas

Have a great week! XO

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  1. I saw your video and left you a note. Sometimes I have the feeling that you think that I’m a extremely odd person. It’s just I have strong feelings that everyone has at some point in their life, however I don’t know how to express them the way that most people do. I haven’t come out in the open because I don’t know how you would react to anything I would say. I just want to be able to start over and explain things from the beginning. You are someone that over time I have really come to appreciate discovering you way back in 2009.

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