The Story With No Words [New Video]

Happy June! Can you believe it’s already summer time?

I’ve been so fortunate to perform at the Castle last month, and to shoot this little routine for you right after I got back to Vegas! I think this is my shortest, and simplest little magic video that I have created.. or maybe the rubber bands..? I’m not sure. It was hard for me, because I like to over complicate things usually. 🙂 My inner critic hardly allowed me to upload this clip. But I did, so here it is! I hope you will enjoy! <3


  1. 😊 Time does fly by. It’s almost a year since I went to Florida for a special event. Make sure to check your mail in a week or two.

  2. Its crazy its summer already. Soon we will say what do you mean its fall or I cant believe we are a week away from Christmas😃😂

    I love this new routine. Its very beautiful on many levels and how you play out emotions with your eyes is sincerely beautiful.

    I was not expecting the rose at the end but with it also being big I thought was a bad ass great move.

    Beautiful gorgeous heart breaking bad ass routine.


  3. I love this new routine. Gorgeous,beautiful,sexy and how you express the emotion through your eyes..and the big rose at the end was bad ass.

    LoveLoveLove you Katalin

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