Vintage Vegas

You might have seen me on stage wearing this costume, which was one of my first crafty projects when I moved to Vegas. The half silver beads sewn onto the bra are vintage finds and there are large glass beads sewn onto the bottom. I made 4 sets, and each included a feathered head-dress and rhinestone chokers as well.

I find it funny sometimes, how some people can get offended by showgirl costumes. To me, it’s exactly the same as a bathing suit, minus the rhinestones 🙂

I’m not sure if I would ever wear this on stage again, but I loved this photoshoot, brought back lots of fun memories.

PS: I’m wearing a very high quality push-up bra and makeup, therefore, I don’t endorse implants and whatever else girls are injecting into themselves these days.


  1. Very sexy. But I also think you look amazing and beautiful in just a plain top and jeans.

  2. Looks great Katalin! Your very talented! I didn’t realize you made your costumes! A lot of work was put into that! Great job!

  3. Every woman (or everyone in general) has to feel comfortable in the own skin – coincidentally you are an absolutely flawless person who knew how to emphasize your beauty. (And I know your virtual self long enough to say that your inner beauty is also above all limits.) I knew that you design some of your costumes, but this one deserves a “WOW”!

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