Suncoast BTS

The Chef, The Maid, The Pianist, and The Busboy. Who is the murderer?

A perfect mystery novel! However this photo (about five years ago) is actually a BTS (behind the scene) moment at a beautiful 500-seat Vegas showroom with my great friends Jeffrey, Wes Winters and Romano. If you look closely, Romano is holding his balls.. because he is an excellent juggler. 🙂 Could that be the murder weapon? Hmm.. katalin_0060


  1. It would be very difficult for the Maid to hide a murder weapon… (Thank you!) The Chef looks too nice and the Pianist is too sophisticated for such a barbaric crime. Yes, it was the Busboy/Juggler…

  2. I saw the video of this. I do admit you are very sexy but you don’t have to show skin or wear skimpy outfits for me to think you are sexy.

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