My New Blog and Updates [New Video]

I’m very excited to tell you that I just started a new blog! [] Yay!

“Why Katalin, you have a hard time even updating your first blog? What is wrong with you?” I hear you ask.. 🙂 Well, here is the reason: I was contacted by Murphy’s Magic Supplies to review some of their products, and I thought it’s best to open a blog (and youtube channel) just for the people who are interested in the art of magic. My reviews are honest and I’m not going to try to sell you anything! I know how it feels to be “tricked” to buy something that you regret the moment you get it. That is why it’s going to be awesome to help you discover new magic merch and find the right routines and effects for your repertoire.

The very first thing I’m reviewing is called “X-ray” which is a supernatural, mind-blowing effect! Make sure you go and check it out!img_4294

And, if you are a non-magician, don’t worry, I’m still updating my original channel! 😉

As always, thank you for reading and supporting! xo


  1. Some time ago I saw a retro magazine in a kiosk. A magazine especially for old people who don’t realize that the 80s are over. People who read ancient Franco-Belgian comics and play ancient video games in their free time. Very pathetic. (I bought this magazine immediatly…)

    A (not really free) gift came with it: The most primitive magic kit I’ve ever seen: nine props for seven “fascinating” illusions. Some trick cards (the upper half of them differs from the lower half), a multi-colored dice, a little box for the dice, a magic “rope” (= a short string), two black rubber bands and a little device for the well-known “a coin wanders through my hand”-trick. There were also more grammatical errors in the instructions than … an average comment of me. My very first thought when I saw this unmagical kit was: What would Katalin say about this one? I also had the thought that it might be funny if a professional magician reviews these cheap magic kits in a video (not this one, but stuff like magical kits for kids…) and I wanted to suggest it the next time when you ask your fans for suggestions…

    Well, and now you are reviewing professional gadgets for professional/semiprofessional/hobby magicians – and I wish you every success you can imagine. (I know how “Which Hand?”-tricks work with big objects – and when you use your eyes, middle-sized objects aren’t a problem either. But I have no idea (yet) how such a trick works with tiny things…)

    This video is also very interesting, especially for men… (“Bla, bla, bla, nude, bla, bla, bla, sparkles on my face, bla, bla, bla…”). No, really, it’s great that you share your make-up techniques with other people. You’re great. Thanks!

    1. Hi Frank! Great to read your story, I love the idea to review simple magic kits, even just for fun! I found magic kits in Korea in a convenient store, which was very refreshing 🙂 I didn’t purchase it, as I was mainly focusing on testing out foreign foods.. but I will the next time! If you find any fun, strange gadgets that you think would be entertaining to get, review and test out, pls send the info to me! I’m happy you enjoyed my videos! It’s fun to create something specifically for magicians now! Thanks for reading!! 🙂

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