Explore The Treasures | Part Three


Continuing my previous posts on interesting finds during my travels, I also would like to show you this little booklet I abducted from a Chinese restaurant/tea house.


It is so simple and sweet looking! Many, many “magazines” (??) like this one was displayed at the entrance of the restaurant, in a beautifully decorated room on a long, hand carved dining table. Free for grab magazines, calendars and even cd’s! (I have to search if I took a photo of that restaurant or not, because that place was quite magical).


Most pages are tan-colored and look like the “monks R us” special edition.. Perhaps news and development on chanting and such..?


Only one colored page in the booklet.. If you look closer, the girls and guys are all divided during this lecture, although one place they are sitting on a chair and the other, on a mat.. Are they preparing for becoming monks or is it just their school system for something else..?


This place must be gorgeous in person, but the simplicity of the print on this page makes it even more interesting I think. A place where Lara Croft would spend her afternoons..



And of course, the song of the month we would like to feature this April. 🙂 This is definitely not something I find normally: a free magazine, full of information, no advertisers, no club promotion, DJ’s or topless pools (comparing it  with the free, Vegas magazines) and also doesn’t featuring the Kardashians in any way. 🙂 I adore Chinese culture so much, I think it’s beautiful, respectful and precious. Now I just wish I can understand that song on the very last page!

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