Red and Blue


My hair is getting so long, that I started braiding it lately, and I love it. Sometimes I even sleep with my hair braided, because otherwise it will get stuck under my shoulders, preventing to move my head… 🙂 So it’s pretty challenging.


This situ reminds me of “Memoirs of a Geisha“, where the girls had to sleep while resting their heads on some kind of wooden stand, so their hairdo will stay perfect for days. I must master that technique! 🙂


Here I’m actually wearing my beloved MK shirt that I usually travel with (because it doesn’t wrinkle – and I love it), the most comfortable push-up bra by Triumph that I got last time I was in Europe and a heart-shaped, pink, unicorn ring I won at a recent Arcade night in Vegas! 🙂 I’ll say, wear or use whatever makes you happy! And if it features a Unicorn, than it’s a no brainer! 😛


Have an awesome weekend, stay fabulous and happy! xoxo

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