Explore the Treasures | Part Two


Yesterday I posted “explore the treasures” where I show you two cool things I’ve discovered during my trip to China. In this post, I will show you something strangely cool I found in Korea when I was performing in Busan!

katalin_4089There were some stores around my hotel I stayed at.. like Seven Eleven type, where you can purchase all the necessities you might need at any random hour of the day.. and of course I always can use a deck of card! Or at least that’s what I thought I was buying! 
katalin_4094 hwatu

The older, Korean lady in the store didn’t know much English and when I asked if it’s a game, she nodded her head..

katalin_4095 hwatu

I’m completely confused, because there are no matching pairs and there were no instructions came with it.. So I guess this game must be super popular in Korea.. However I still to this day couldn’t figure out how you suppose to play it.

katalin_4096 hwatuHave you ever seen anything like this before? I still think it’s cool, and definitely a keeper.. But when I pass away and the person cleaning up after me to throw all my stuff away will find this, and will think.. “What the heck?” 🙂 And if that’s the case I want to remembered being internationally sophisticated and proud like, yes, I did enjoy intellectual pleasures during my free times, like sitting with my cup of tea early afternoon with this Korean card game.. 😀

Here are more fun, eatable discoveries while I was in Korea:


  1. I knew that I saw the little crane in your perfectly manicured hand somewhere… This card deck is called “Hwatu”, originally invented by some Japanese guys and it’s very popular in Korea now. You can read all about it in this blog article, the guy who wrote it has also the same turquois card box (on one of his pictures)…


    All the best,


    1. Hi Frank and OMG! I can’t believe you know about these cards! I have never seen anything like this before and that’s so funny that you have the answer, right away!! 😀

      1. It’s even more funny when you realize that I have never been in Korea or Japan in my life (yet) while these countries are like a second home to you. I only knew these cards (or better: the card with Mr Crane) because I watched some documentaries and I remember that I saw an elderly Japanese woman who played with similar cards. She had her cards in one hand, 25 cigarettes in another and a bottle of sake (or whatever she drank) in another hand. I was quite impressed…

  2. I actually know about that card game. I fully don’t understand the rules but I have something to teach me. Would you like to learn how to play?

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