Explore The Treasures


I have a few boxes where I hide treasures I’ve discovered during my travels. I don’t want to use the word “collecting”, because I don’t.. I use to, when I was a kid.. I use to think, the more the merrier.. but now I do enjoy simplicity and minimalism instead. I actually feel much better loosing many things (objects really) during my life and I truly am grateful for that experience.


After all, we can’t really take all that “stuff” with us, they don’t defy us or they should not limit us in any way. They are just things that can be appreciated while we are here. So please, allow me to share some treasures I’ve found during exploring the world:


So cute, I’ve found some decorative boxes at a craft store, and I thought it’s perfect to hide and keep the dust (and light) out. I also have some pictures as well.


A mysterious beauty product and a clay flute I got while I was in China!


I’m not sure, what’s inside this beautiful paper box, because the girl who were selling it in Beijing, didn’t really speak english.. however I love the box so much, that I bought some for my friends and one for myself.


OMG! It’s a cream! I was under the impression, that it’s some kind of face powder, or whatever.. but it’s actually a cream! Also, it has a scent like a face cream my grandma use to have when I was a kid!


Why does creams feel so “delicious”, even just to look at?


This flute.. whatever.. thing, I got as a present while we were shooting a tv show in China. One of the episodes we went to a toy store to discover traditional Chinese games and that is where we found this instrument. I’ve try to play it.. but I think I’ll stick to magic. 🙂


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