Backstage with a Female Magician | Redesigned

If you are an official bunny (aka subscriber) of my blog, you probably noticed that this place has changed recently quite a bit. I had different sites the past 15 years now (or maybe even more?) and this year I was keep getting this feeling.. it’s time for another change. One of the reasons was to show you my photo series (through the lens) in a bigger, better format. I’m hoping, with this new design, it’s going to be much more enjoyable and also simpler! The template itself is a bit buggy.. not everything works the way I would love it, but I’m hoping, all the new posts are going to appear flawless. (or at least close to perfection) 🙂

Backstage with a female magician
i’m not showing of.. this was the only image I’ve found of my previous template 🙂

I’m looking forward of your thoughts and comments on the new design and I hope you like it as much as I do!

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  1. I prefer to call myself “Katalicist” rather than “Bunny”, but let’s see what I can tell about your site.

    87.5% of all illusionists (like Adriann Black) have dark designs -which is okay for them-, and some one of your previous versions were also dark, but this light one fits you more. You are an open-minded and free-sprited person and this one is like a canvas for your creativity. It is very clear arranged, the headlines may be too big, but you can always reduce them if you have to. The readability is perfect and that’s the most important part (for me). Well done!

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