Back to the Basics


I feel so fortunate in Vegas, enjoying this amazing weather in October. It’s beautiful 31-32C (88-89F) during the day and about 16C (61F) at night when I’m usually still working. I’m all prepared for the winter, all my warm clothing ready to go.. but I guess I just have to save those pieces when I’m going out of town.



I got some great, new, summer pieces this year but I didn’t even have the chance to wear them! I’m not kidding, I didn’t even see a pool this summer! So perhaps, this is my chance to wear them out, this October. 🙂 This dress that I’m wearing here is actually made by my friend, and I feel like it’s timeless. Something about simple pieces, makes me feel so comfortable and I could care less what we “suppose” to wear, whatever is in this season. I feel like simplicity will never go out of style and basics will always be in fashion.




At last I just want to let you know, I’m prepping for a new project, so if I’m not as active online is because I’m at the workshop, gluing, spraying, cutting.. and when I have the time, rehearsing. I can’t show you any spoilers just yet, but, you will see it soon enough, I promise. In the meantime, I will do my best to upload some new pix and videos! xo


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