My Favorite Hungarian Dish

I grew up enjoying my father’s incredibly delicious cooking, so anything European, flavorful or adventurous dishes are welcome in my world. 🙂 I have many favorites, but one of the dish I particularly like is Lecso! This video is very spontaneous and made it just for fun, but I hope you’ll enjoy and perhaps give it a try, how to make Lecso aka Ratatouille the way I love it.


PS: Have you ever tried any Hungarian food (I’m talking to the non-Hungarian viewers here) 🙂 Comment below if you did and if you liked it.


  1. I’m kind of a freestyle cook, too. (Mostly becauce I can’t memorize recipes). Of course, I know and like goulash (when it’s hot and spicy, otherwise it’s just .. meat), but I never tried Lecsó – and your Lecsó looks “lecker” (the German word for “tasty”)… xxxoxxooox

    1. Gulyasleves is one of the most famous Hungarian dish and you are right, it’s best when it has “body”. You must try it if you are ever in Hungary, they can make a super powerful Gulyas, especially in the small towns, the traditional ways. I’m not a huge fan of super spicy, I had the hardest time in Korea, where people’s taste buds already burned away and they look at you strangely when you breath fire from their simplest, “mild flavored” dish. xoxo

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