My Aunt

Meeting my aunt.. the first time 🙂



I don’t actually remember this moment clearly.. as I’m the tiny one in her arms. 🙂 My mom has one older sister, Ildiko. Her father, my grandpa is standing to our left and my sister, Erika is standing to our right. I remember, we were in the home of our grandparents here and  even the furniture and paintings are in my memory. #ThrowbackThursday <3


  1. Photographs from our childhood represent a distinct time. Nowadays photos are digital and won’t have that special magic that our childhood photos have.

  2. Katalin, These family photos are precious. I grew up with my mom, sister, and grandparents and I have kept some of the oil paintings that were on the walls of that home. They keep me company here, all these decades later, and I find comfort in them. Both my grandmother and great-aunt were excellent artists so the paintings are by them! I am glad you have these photos from your childhood.

    1. Hi Sabrina, that’s very impressive about your paintings! I grew up with grandma as well and I think we are so lucky to have that gift to learn from them and see their habits because of the different way they were raised.

  3. Yes, I am always aware of what my grandparents modeled for me. Sometimes, I catch myself behaving very much like my Nana–that is a good thing!–and sometimes, I am disappointed when I do not meet the standards that they set. Theirs was a different time and life’s demands were different. Still it is very comforting to have those memories and also my Nana’s portrait!

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