My First Time Performing At The Magic Castle

Continuing with a heartwarming flashback from my previous blog, here is what I’ve posted a few years ago:



Here is a great time to mention: It doesn’t matter where you born or if you grew up poor or without any guide! Just follow your dreams and keep going! I’m grateful for this gift to be able to getting my butt to America, and I appreciate what I was able to accomplish so far. For some performers, this is just a place in Hollywood. For me, it’s a stepping stone, proving myself that no matter what, anything is possible! I am proud of sharing that first week of mine at the Hollywood Magic Castle with top performers around the world! And a very special thanks to Max Maven who gave me a chance to shine and to rock that stage! <3


PS: Yes, Mr Baldwin is super funny and kind. Of course he is, he loves the art of magic! 😉

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