The Magic of html

Summer time, birds are chirping outside, sun is shinning, and I’m in my room, completely enchanted by the magic of html coding! Me and my computer were inseparable. Although it wasn’t exactly “my” computer, it was the family computer, but I was totally <u>hooked</u>  so much, that the only way my father could get me away from typing is when he actually pulled the electricity from the whole house, forcing the computer to shut off. 🙂 Yes, it was that bad.

But what could I do? I’ve saved up my money and payed 3 different website builders over 3 years to build me a website and they all vanished. I realized, I have two choices: Never have a website of my own or save up for Dreamweaver and learn how to build my own site.. So of course, I chose the latter.

My first website was very simple, but elegant, and as time passed, I became better and better at it. After I’ve moved to America, I continued building and changing sites:


They look so strange to me now. It’s like fashion.. What once considered cool, now it’s kind of funny.. 😛website_2

This one I still like a lot, but so much work:


As I got busier and busier it was harder for me to find time to sit down and keep refreshing, coding and editing, and focus on the performances at the same time. So I’ve decided to start my very first blog:


I’ve used blogger, which is provided by Google. I wasn’t a big fan of it, and slowly started to look elsewhere. Finally, I started this blog, the one you are reading right now! 🙂

What I love about blogging is that you can read the posts I’ve created in the past! Imagine all the data now if I would have created a blog years ago in Hungary!

So , I’ve decided to start uploading some of my older posts here, so you can catch up and see what you have missed and this way, it’s all going to be in one place.  🙂

Here it is:

Katalin_first post

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