This Is My Home [Video]

Ah China… How could I live without you? Can you tell, I’m in love? Our affair started two years ago, at my first appearance in Beijing.

Bringing some magic and lots of love and laughter for the kids, it was the most rememberable time of my year! (I can’t believe how fast time flies!)

Happy Valley Opening Ceremony

Notice the Hungarian flag at the opening ceremonial-dance of the Golden Week!

Have YOU ever been to China? I was holding out going for so long, because of schedule management..  And I was pleased to finally go, bringing my sister along and making many friends and new memories. I think I can confirm, ours is now more than just an affair. We have seen each other many times soon after (such as the College Magic Festival, The Great Magician TV show, Spring Festival..), and I think it’s getting pretty serious. 😉


Mother Teresa

Stay Magical! ❤

2 Comments on “This Is My Home [Video]

  1. I am happy that you have found another home, or like-home feeling, in China! I have never been, but my adult son spent a semester there and studied Mandarin Chinese from the age of five through the end of college. He and a friend made a documentary called “City of Hans” about the artists’ town of Jingdezhen in China, where they are famous for making porcelain. You can see a clip at I love the sound of the language.


    • Hi Sabrina, and thank you for sharing your son’s beautiful video! Is there a way to see or purchase the full movie? That’s so wonderful that he speaks Mandarin, I had the hardest time learning, and when I finally spoke a little bit, I felt so great (I guess because it’s a very complicated language).


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