October Updates

Hello my sweet bunnies! Hope your October is off to a good start! I haven’t been writing here for a while now (only uploading photo projects and some YouTube videos I’ve been making recently) and I thought it’s time for an update!

You know, this year has been very difficult for me, dealing with family issues that are taking a lot out of me emotionally, and I’m trying to keep busy to distract myself.

The last few months has been filled with travels and I’m also working on my next music! Yes! Really! I’ve already wrote two song with my super talented (and multi-award winner) friend, Levente and I’m now totally addicted! Actually, today was a year ago that “Another Real” Lyric edition video was published! I can’t believe how fast time flies! (You can get the song from HERE if you like it)

There are also some secret projects in the making that I can’t tell you about just yet.. 🙂 But it’s worth the wait, I promise! You can check my Instagram, I’m uploading that pretty often, and I also just joined Snapchat! Ok, I’m very mysterious, so this was a big decision to get on Snapchat, but now I’m there, and ready to share. My username:: MissKatalin

I’m sending you all my love, thank you again for reading, supporting, commenting.. Oh! And please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for my video updates! <3

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