Bronze Away (And The Bling From Chicken Liver)

Sharp, bold sculpting paired with sweet lace. This is my “to go look” for tv appearance and behind the scenes. The bronzer gives a very strong summer vibe, yet the nude nails and soft lips reflect casual and laid-back. I actually used bronze and browns but the sunlight plays on my face, reflecting pinks and rose colors.



The sharp look is softened by my beloved “Sweetheart Bodysuit” and naturally I added my showgirl-like rhinestone ring (which I like to call, my Lisa Douglas aka Eva Gabor bling. If some of you might remember the Hungarian Princess trapped in “Huterswill”. Her diamond was smuggled from Hungary to America by her father, hidden in chicken liver, if I might remember correctly.) 😉

I find it fascinating that I haven’t heard of the Gabor sisters in my home country till I moved to America. What is in that small country of mine that makes most free spirits leave and never look back? <3

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