Some Things Remain The Same

I find myself always cleaning up my work space. As I like to work on many different projects at the same time, my desk becomes chaotic before I even realize it. However there are some things remain the same. Let me show them to you.



Ever since I discovered Nespresso coffee machine, I enjoy making myself a cup every now and then. I am a tea lover, but now I can’t help it. They make the best coffee in my opinion.IMG_6715 copy

I also enjoy mixing materials, I find it helps me. Fire, water, my bellowed jewelry pieces and hand-picked ocean treasures. Both necklaces are gifts, and the “Kat” necklace is made by my sister, Zsuzsanna. Her work I adore so much!


The Lady Bug in Hungary is called Katica which is similar to my name, Katalin. All my Katicas are gifts and memories from special occasions. A photo of my father when I had my 6th birthday, guarded by an angel, made of  Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love. The colorful candle I found in Pier One and the laughing Buddha who reminds me to stay joyful and positive.

IMG_6727 copy

The American flag gift I received when I became a citizen of the US, and my three favorite necklaces. The very bold one (also a gift) is a BCBG, the hearth with a bow I found in California number of years ago, and the glass-beaded one is actually an elastic bracelet that you can also wear as a necklace. I’ve received it in China when I was shooting the Great Magician Tv series, and I adore it ever since. If you look at it closely, there is a butterfly hanging from it.


I really miss my family and the time we spent together. I feel surrounding myself with these treasures makes me feel like I’m not so alone anymore. <3

Do you have anything on your desk/workspace that you just have to have around?

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