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Girls dream

This photo is from the Chinese reality TV show I performed in for a few months. This is backstage, closing night, and the little girl is actually one of the magician’s daughter. She was so adorable. Her mom is taking the photo.

This dress I’ve found in Canada when I was performing there. I saw it on the hanger, shoved in with other neglected clothes at the back of the store. I’m obviously not the only one who things this outfit is ridiculous! – thought to myself. However, I was the only one who gave it a try. I pulled it out, laughed and said: “Ok, I HAVE TO put this on!” Turns out, the dress is more sweeter that I actually thought and won my heart immediately. (plus it fit me like a glove)  It’s the “princess cupcake” dress. 😀 It’s so not me… but somehow, it works. Perhaps because this dress brings out that little princess, who I wasn’t able to be when I was growing up. And what a gift, able to discover what others cannot. ☼ This proves me, that something sweet is always waiting for you, you just have to able to see and at least give it a try!

PS: Notice her shoes.. We are soul sisters, girl! <3

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