Puzzling The World

Happy Birthday Rubik Erno! Thank you for making the world puzzled and gave magicians an extra toy to play with! 😉 I’m proud to be a Hungarian!

But who is Rubik Erno and how is the Cube came about?

The mysteries of the Magic Cube!

I’ve met a Cube World Champion a few years ago in Hollywood, and I’ve never seen anybody so fast, solving the puzzle. I made a little video that you can only see here:


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I remember playing with the cube when I was very little, and ending up removing, pealing of the colors and sticking it to the correct side of the cube. Child’s logic… 🙂
Have you ever played with or solved the Rubik’s Cube?

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  1. I used to be able to solve it. But I know I can learn how to again. I am willing to help you learn how to solve it. Also I have a small collection of Rubik’s puzzles.

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