Masari Lace Paired With Vintage

Greetings from Vegas! I’m taking new pix between travels as I find the time. My following is so random! I have many magicians who want to see me play with cards, ladies who ask me to play with makeup, and just guys who want to see me play… I will make everybody happy, I promise!

Katalin Masari Lace

Starring my beloved Masari Lace dress by Marciano paired with these fabulous, vintage earrings! This color is so refreshing and I promised myself to wear less black so the new colors will lift me out of my current mood, which is > 🙁 I guess I can say, I’m trying out the “color therapy” and so far it is working!


I left my hair super messy, and literally styled it with just oil and water by hand. Currently I’m loving Umberto’s Roman Oil which (a little goes a long way) I love to massage into the ends almost daily, or however often my hair screams “feed me”! Hey, I live in the desert!

Bronze and Sculpt



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