Happy Birthday YouTube [My first YouTube video ever]




HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUTUBE! Thank you for changing my life, and bringing us laughter, creativity and a window to show our work, imagination, and to able to discover other talents! How can we live without you? <3


Youtube Birthday Cake



Here are some fun facts you might enjoy::

My VERY FIRST YouTube video! 😀

My VERY FIRST VIGNETTE on YouTube [ever]

My MOST WATCHED video on YouTube with 110,223 views

My LEAST WATCHED video with only 147 views 😀

and my MOST RECENT video:


AND [drumroll] MY FAVORITE YouTubers that you might want to check out, and subscribe:

Neiman Marcus  Because of their creative, fabulous videos! Inspirational and simply fashion-fabulous (is that even a word??) ⊙.☉

Vat19  – To bring out your NERDY side (We all have one) :p

CinemaSins – Because life only worthwhile, if you smile 🙂 (especially if you laugh)

Jimmy Kimmel – Do I really need a reason? (Love you Jimmy)


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