The Taste of Japan [Snacking Video]

Here I go again! This time in Tokyo, Japan.

I had to do this video after I already shot a snacking video about Chinese food and Korean surprises.

This wasn’t my first time in Japan, but definitely the first time, trying out those snacks and food.

I love sushi.. but whatever you can get in America as “Japanese food” has nothing to do with the actual food in Japan. But some of you probably know this already. And if you do, please tell me, what a heck was I tasting in my video? I truly have no clue!

Thanks for watching and readying! Have a delightful day! 😉



  1. Thank you for this video including your facial expressions during the testing/tasting of these foods. You are a very brave woman. (The worst or most ridiculous thing that I ever ate was a “Pizza Tonno” that I bought once during the “Hamburg Port Anniversary”: A giant slice of Pizza with a tiny piece of tuna in the middle and a piece of onion somewhere on the edge. I’m not an Italian, but I’m sure this thing would make every Italian cry…)

    1. 😀 Your “pizza tonno” experience sounds.. interesting! I’m a supporter of anything new, adventurous, especially when it comes to breaking some rules. But with food, I want to make sure, whatever I swallow will stay down… 😛

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