I’m back in China!

This is my fifth trip to China and I just finished a one month engagement in Korea!

This time, I am preparing for the Spring Festival tv show! Let’s go!


Breezy, chilly yet something about this city that warms my heart. I adore Chinese food and the culture. Every time I come, I learn something new and I feel, I’m a stronger person.

tea time


The beautiful Railway Hotel, where I was able to rest after the full days of work and preparation.



I just loved the fact that when I looked outside of my window, I saw this:




Teach me all your wisdom, beautiful China!


Katalin Beijing Meipai

More behind the scene footage coming up next!

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  1. I know that there isn’t that many magic television specials that you can perform on in America. You still have to visit the east coast more often.

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