The Table

Almost 3 years now the last time I had the opportunity to visit home. I grew up in Hungary in a home with chickens, pigs, ducks and at one point, we had an angry turkey as well. 🙂

I had discovered at the back of the chicken scoop, which now was empty and quiet (no squawking).. that my table and parts of an older illusion was there. All covered in dust, ready to be butchered up, thrown into the fire so it too can keep the little home of my grandparents stay warm for the winter.

When I saw this table, all those memories rushed back to me again. My very first table I stood on stage with. My very first competition (when I almost fainted, going out on stage) and my first time with this table, traveling to neighbor countries magic competition to show my act to the magic community.

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Memories.. My first magic table top! 😱👏😢

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Can you spot my table (and the red stool as well with the circles cut out at the sides) on the video bellow?

This was also the time when I finally saw my sister again, almost 3 years ago. We were visiting my dad, it was so much fun!


I don’t have control over the things that stayed behind when I left home. I only took a bag to America with me when I left. Some clothes but mainly magic props. I had no idea it will take 3 years for me to go home again. And after that, another three.

I don’t care for the table anymore. I just hope to keep the family with me forever.


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